Why Your Business Needs a Blog

You’ll recall we covered ‘Getting Started with WordPress’ with regard to using a WordPress blog for personal vs. business purposes. The latest issue of Search Engine News  touts the power of blogs and why the search engines – Google in particular –  love them.

From the beginning, websites have been the primary means for businesses to have a presence on the Internet. However, these businesses are now finding that using a blog to communicate with their customers not only helps with ranking but also achieves the following goals ….

  • ability to present new product and service information,
  • acquaint customers with the company’s personnel and
  • offers opportunity for dialogue with customers.

All of the above can help turn those business blog visitors  into relevant business relationships.

So What’s the Big Deal?

The ‘big deal’  is that because  blogs have ‘relevant’ content that is continuously changing, they are more frequently indexed by the search engines – once you’ve established a regular pattern of posting.

Since it’s easy to add posts there can be a lot more relevant pages to a blog than a website.  And, posts – rich in relevant content and keywords – not only  improve  sales, attract links to boost page rank, but also generate loyal readership which can prove the business has real value.

What About Time?

Does it take time to maintain a good blog? Yes. Aside from the initial set up, you’ll want to post on a set schedule. Use these posts to offer helpful ideas or a solution to a problem – doing so will help connect you to your readers who obviously have an interest in your business or they wouldn’t be there.

In addition to helpful posts, you may want to cover some of the following on your business blog:

  • Relate some positive experiences about your product, service, etc.
  • Cover industry issues – positive and negative – let your readers make their own decisions
  • Interview leaders or major customers in your business field

Once you’ve grown your blog following, you can then pass the targeted traffic along to your commercial website. . . . or as suggested in our post about QR’s offer coupons the visitor can print out and use at your brick-and-mortar business location.

Other Blog Building Tools

RSS – Really Simple Syndication allows people to subscribe to your blog.  Allows visitors to sign up for notices. 

Email Opt-in – Offer an email subscription to your visitors for press releases concerning  your business, product  freebies, special reports, coupons, etc. 


Blogs are here to stay and according to the Search Engine News seem to be eclipsing websites with regard to search engine ranking.

Don’t have a blog for your business?  Information on this page – Free Blog Sites  – may help you get started.  You’ll find links to free blog sites along with the pros and cons of each.

Want to grow your business?  Get a subscription to Planet Ocean  and read the complete article on why Google loves blogs. With a subscription you’ll also have access to Part Two of this article – “Maximizing Your Assets” – due out next month.

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