How To Ping Your Blog

If you followed the steps in our last post – 15 Steps to Setting Up a Blog – you’re probably already posting.

But there’s one more thing to do. Once you’ve been posting for about a month …. and this is assuming you are posting 2-4 times a week… you’ll need to set up your ‘ping list’.

When Should I Ping?

It has been recommended that your blog have a minimum of 25-30 original posts before you address pinging. This goal can be more quickly reached by posting more frequently. Once you’ve started posting, try to maintain a routine whether it be twice a week, once a week or once a month. Doing so will help you maintain your traffic.

What is Pinging?

In blogging, pinging is a method which notifies a server that the blog content has been updated. This is accomplished by sending a signal to a ‘ping server’ that generates a list of the blogs that have new material. Most blog tools today automatically ping one or more servers each time a new post is created or an old post has been updated.

How Do I Ping My Blog?

While is one of the best known, there are many ping services available. Doing a search for “blog ping services” will provide a list of ping service websites to choose from.

Another method to have your blog pinged to is add the ping service to your blog settings from the Word Press Dashboard. To do this go to Settings > Writing.

On the Writing page, go to the bottom where you will see “Update Services“. Here you can add in the URLs for the services you like and then ‘save’ the changes. To see a copy of our list of ping URLs, click here.

Final Thought

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