SEO: Don’t Overlook BING

We haven’t talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a while and thought now might be a good time to catch-up on what’s new.

It’s recently been reported that Google’s Chrome is now the favored search engine; so if you’re ranking well in Chrome . . . that’s great! But don’t discount having your websites rank well […]

Facebook – List of Best Business Apps

We’ve discussed the importance of having a Facebook page for your business. So now that you’ve got a page which apps should you use? The following are the 7 most recommended apps you need . . . according to C. Markee, one of the consultants at Planet Ocean.

My Business Blinkweb – leverage your friends list […]

Google Maps: SEO UPDATE

If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll  know how important having good information on Google Maps has become and how the ‘Yellow Pages’ are becoming irrelevant. 

Further to that – we  just received today the following email from Stephen Maheny of Planet Ocean about a terrific program they have  starting Monday . . .  Local Search SEO  Training Course.  This […]