Facebook as a Business Tool

Having a Facebook page for your business is easy – having a Facebook page for your business that works requires some effort.

If you already have a ‘personal’ Facebook page, you may be tempted to integrate your business into it . . . don’t. Your business should have it’s own page dedicated to creating its own unique image and generating its own fan following.



Your Facebook  Image

Since your page will be the branding for your business – Internet or brick and mortar – you want to make good use of the image space provided. Should you display your personal image? Your employees’ happy faces? Maybe, your company logo or main product? What ever you decide, the picture should be recognizable. This means the quality should be excellent – not out of focus or the size so small a magnifying glass is needed to make it out. The image should also be associated with your business. When someone sees your image, they should recognize your business immediately. Therefore, whatever you decide on should be branded, clearly recognizable and – last but not least – attention grabbing.


Promoting your business via Facebook is great – however, it should be done in a professional manner. Obvious in-your-face ‘self-promotion’ should be avoided since it does not rank favorably with visitors to social media sites. Fans visiting your page should find the page to be informative, interesting – hey even fun. If you have trouble writing, post industry news relevant to your business you find on the Internet; find a good blog post to refer your readers to; or offer helpful tips about your industry they may not know. By blending in helpful information with your own ‘promo’ posts targeting sales, your page will look less like a sales pitch and more like a friendly social media site.

Interaction | Communication

Remember, social sites are for communicating with each other – people love to know what’s going on. So get in the mix and participate in lots of discussions. In addition to being active on your own page, make comments on other people’s updates. Start a conversation that is enticing and by its nature solicits comments. Regularly communicating humanizes your business and lets you connect with customers – real and potential.

Customizing Your Page

Don’t send new visitors to the wall. Rather take the time to have a custom page for them. Use this page – each month – to showcase something new about your business. This is also an excellent way to have visitors interact with you. Get your new base involved with questions and contests here. It’s hard to pass up the allure of getting something for free.

Maximize your opportunities and set yourself apart from those that would simply stay with the default settings by using custom tabs. Some pages you might want to consider including would target the following

  • Generate traffic for an upcoming event, grand opening, etc.
  • Take a poll about a new product
  • Get opinions on an upcoming campaign
  • Promote a product through a contest for prizes
  • Sell your products on line

While more than 70% of all Facebook pages have less than 1,000 fans, you can increase the odds that your page will succeed by participating in the advertising program offered by Facebook. This program will help generate traffic to your page based on demographics, category or keywords resulting in hundreds of visitors willing to join in your business page.

In today’s economy, you need to do everything you can to promote you business – and if Facebook isn’t part of the plan – you may want to consider it.

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