Taking Your Website Beyond Traditional SEO

beyond8 Ways to take your website beyond traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traditional SEO work should be a primary thought when building a website, however, there are other considerations and methods that will also help in getting your pages ranked.


Incoming links from relevant pages – particularly educational or government pages. While these can be difficult to get, they are the most highly effective incoming links for ranking well in the Search Engines.


Submit your site to some of the many directories online. Be accurate in your information and category selection. Before submitting your website to a directory read the terms, making sure you follow the guidelines. Be aware that it can take up to a year to get listed in directories. Some of the better known directories are:

  • DMOZ (Free)
  • Yahoo Directory Paid)
  • Paid)
  • Best of the Web (Free for non-commercial; Paid for commercial)
  • Librarians’ Internet Index (Free)
  • (One time fee or free to editors)
  • GoGuides (Paid)


Build deep links to your website’s inside pages from other relevant websites or blogs. These can be reciprocal links from other websites or links from your own blog. When exchanging reciprocal links you want your link placed no lower than 3 levels.

For example:   —-> —->

A link that goes beyond this level of placement has little chance of being followed by the search engine spiders.

4.  BLOG

Set-up a blog associated with your website and write blog posts on topics that are relevant to your website. Link these blog posts to the inner pages of your site, i.e., – not the home page, i.e.


Get exposure through social marketing by ‘tweeting’ or submitting ‘website relevant’ pages to some of the social sites. When registering with the various social sites, use the ‘Profile’ pages to get your website more exposure. You can often put your own .com in your profile and if you have more than one site, you can list your other websites as ‘favorites’. Use lots of keywords when describing yourself and your site. Some of the more well known sites and pages to submit to are:

  • Twitter
  • Squidoo
  • Hub Pages
  • Digg
  • Delicious



Submit articles on topics relevant to your website to one of the many article sites.  Again use the profile page to tout your website. Not all of the article sites will allow you to place active links in the articles linking readers to your website, so read all of the guidelines before you submit an article and follow them. Not following the guidelines and ‘terms of use’ could get you banned. Five of the top article sites are:

  • Ezine Articles
  • GoArticles
  • Article Dashboard
  • Buzzle
  • Article City


Have pages on your website that offer free, helpful information that your visitors would find beneficial. In other words your site should not only be a business site where you ‘sell’ something, but also should give back to the public by offering free, helpful information.

This free information should be relevant to your niche business. Some recommended information topics are:

  • A list of ‘how to’s’
  • Links to other helpful sites with free information
  • Advice on dealing with an emergency situation
  • How to shop for your product or service to get the best deal
  • and, anything else that is related to your business that the average person might not know


Offer a free service that your visitors can take advantage of:

  • Community bulletin board where they can post announcements
  • Lost & found
  • Free line ads
  • Activities in your area
  • Links to businesses in your city

The practice of offering free services and good, quality content within a website is becoming more and more of a consideration by the Search Engines in ranking a page. While you obviously do not want to ‘give away’ your business product or service, you want to have as many services and as much relevant, useful content as you can. If you can find time to implement the above recommendations, you should find your efforts rewarded by an increase in your search engine rankings.

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