How to Improve Your SERP Ranking

Don’t know what a SERP is?

By definition:   SERP is an acronym for  search engine results page which  is the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query.   Results to the query may include:

  • List of items with titles
  • Reference to the full version
  • Short description showing where the Keywords have matched content within the page

A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, or to the set of all links returned for a search query. (1)

Getting your website ranked is just one of the steps to being successful.  You also want to ‘follow the rules’ when it comes to website  structure, and you need to know what will get your website banned, i.e.,  spamming.   The best way to keep current of what’s going on with the search engines is get monthly updates.  Below is a sample of the content covered in the April issue of Search Engine News.  You can see that they address all issues – from adwords to social media.

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Here are the April 2013 Search Engine Strategies:


  • Google Set to Target ‘Bad Merchants’ With Its Next Big Update
  • Google’s Vows to Take Down Spammers in 2013
  • Google is Ready to Listen if You Have Something to Say…
  • Zillow (a Realtor’s Goldmine) Added to Your Droid
  • Get an SEO Starter Guide Straight From Google
  • New Resources for Hacked Sites
  • New Search Feature Allows You to Search a Specific Site
  • Google Changes Titles to Boost Brand Exposure in Results
  • Here’s How Much PageRank You Lose with a 301 Redirect
  • Google’s Local Guidelines Bans Redirects
  • New Advanced Image Search Features
  • Responsive Design Tips Released in Multiple Languages
  • Studies Show Mobile Conversions Happen within an Hour

Google AdWords

  • AdWords Now Allowing You to Target Specific Devices
  • eBay Reports that PPC is Just Not Worth It
  • Google Shopping Goes International

Social Media

  • Case Study: Social Media is Vital to Engagement
  • WordPress Releases an Affordable New Platform
  • Pinterest Shows Businesses Killer Analytics Data
  • Twitter Lets You Tweet 6 seconds of Video.


  • Bing is Happy to Let You do Mobile Only PPC Campaigns
  • Bing Ads Improves Ad Level and Campaign Targeting
  • Microsoft Invests in Twitter Research with ViralSearch
  • Can You Compete as a Known Industry Expert?
  • Bing’s New Tool Tells Them When You’ve Made Big Changes


  • Yahoo Clues Closes As Mayer Reorganizes
  • See Our Expert Advice on these complex SEO topics.
  • 8 Link Building Strategies in a Post-Penguin World
  • 5 Audit Tips to Recover from a Penguin Algo Slap

You’ll also find

  • The April 1st revision of “The UnFair Advantage
  • Book on Winning The SE Wars” -vs SE202
  • Master Directory List for Your Link Building
  • Local Search Audit Checklist
  • Web Site Audit Checklist


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