Google Maps: SEO UPDATE

If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll  know how important having good information on Google Maps has become and how the ‘Yellow Pages’ are becoming irrelevant. 

Further to that – we  just received today the following email from Stephen Maheny of Planet Ocean about a terrific program they have  starting Monday . . .  Local Search SEO  Training Course.  This program will show how to ‘do’ and ‘sell’ Local Search Engine Services through an online training course.   This is a quote from the course page,

“Local merchants and professionals are fast realizing that a good listing on Google Maps is becoming MORE important than their Yellow Page listing! …and they have no choice but to pay somebody to manage their “Map” listings just like they do their Yellow Page Listing. “


They are accepting a limited number of participants – if you think this might be something you would want to pursue – visit Planet Ocean today.

“Over the past 90 days almost everything strategic has

changed in regards to Local Search & Google Maps.

And now with the release of Google’s new Nexus phone on

the heels of Verizon’s Droid, the means by which customers

are accessing ‘Local Search’ and finding the companies they

do business with, is irreversibly changed forever!

The ramifications from this chain of events represent the

biggest change to ‘SEARCH’ since the beginning of the

Internet. Seriously!

Whether you are a professional SEO, SEM, or provider of

brick n mortar goods and services, the question is


…and do you grasp the immense possibilities that lay before


 Our Local Search SEO  Training Course . . .  begins on Monday.

I suspect this could be the most important message you’ll

read all year!

High Regards,

Stephen – CEO/Founder ”

Learn  Search Optimization now from Planet Ocean and ask about their Local Search SEO Training Course!

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