Facebook – List of Best Business Apps

We’ve discussed the importance of having a Facebook page for your business. So now that you’ve got a page which apps should you use? The following are the 7 most recommended apps you need . . . according to C. Markee, one of the consultants at Planet Ocean.

  1. My Business Blinkweb – leverage your friends list when you install this widget and your site will be shown on your ‘fans’ and ‘friends’ profiles.
  2. Blog RS Feed Reader – integrate your blog into your page
  3. CalliFlower – free teleconferencing directly from Facebook with fans and friends. (Have them download the app. It’s workable as long as your Internet connection allows 1-click-calling)
  4. SocialFly – helps get you organized by helping you remember who your connections are, why you connected, and when you need to get back in touch. Integrates with Facebook to add private notes to user profiles to help you stay on top of your activities.
  5. Facebook Video – publish and share videos relevant to your businesss. These can be from your web cam, cell phone or laptop…just like YouTube.
  6. Page Maps – displays a small version of map on your page (made large by a click) that allows you to customize maps with geo-targeted markers and targeted information. Especially useful if you have a ‘brick and mortar’ store.
  7. SlideShare – lets you display your business’ presentations right on your Facebook business page to help get your message out there using PDF’s, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and more. You can also add audio to create instant ‘webinars’.

The above is a brief overview of a Planet Ocean article. If you want to get in-depth, targeted articles every month on what’s new in the search engine world, join the Planet Ocean  family. You’ll get:

  • The latest trends for getting your website ranked
  • Monthly updates relevant to the top search engines and their changes
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  • Special Members Section
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  • and much more

You’ll also get access to featured articles covering search engine optimization and social marketing, i.e., this month these articles covered . . .

  • Link Bait, The #1 Secret Used by Top SEOs to Gather Links in Bunches!
  • Understanding and Leveraging the Power of Social Media
  • How to Build Your Subscribers Network on Stumbleupon

. . .  and their online resource section that includes the following 8 tools:

  1. Site Strength Indicator – see what your competitors are doing
  2. HTTP Header Analyzer – check headers on any public page
  3. Rich Snippet Generator – hCard code creator
  4. Search Engine Master Chart (guide to top search engines)
  5. Submission Guide to the Major Search Engines (pretty much one-click search engine submittal)
  6. Ultimate Directory List – most important directories
  7. Search Engine Spider ‘User Agent’ Info – ID the spiders visiting your site
  8. ‘Unfair Advantage Book’ Advanced SEO Tutorials Study List – 22 SEO tutorials

Planet Ocean Unfair Advantage Book

Every one of these tools – along with all the articles and answers – are geared to getting your website ranked.  In addition to keeping you on top of the changes in the search engines, Planet Ocean will keep you current regarding what you need to do to use social marketing as part of your ranking strategy. 

We’ve been with Planet Ocean for over 10 years, and have found their techniques useful in getting our websites as well as our client’s pages ranked. In one case, by making some changes following the Planet Ocean recommendations,  we were able to have a client’s website go from being ranked on page 5 of Google to ranking on page 1 of Google for their keywords . . . in less than 2 weeks! Not bad.   For more information. . . click here.

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