10 Steps to Improving your Website (SEO Stuff)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a lot of time to research and implement.  Add to that the making of  your page  iPhone and  iPad friendly, plus maintaining a presence on all the social networks out there, you may not be up to speed with all the nuances of what it takes to maximize your business exposure.

The list below courtesy Website Magazine [1]  will give you a quick look at some of the mistakes you may be making –  and offer a few ideas of what you may want to try to help boost your website’s traffic – as well as increase  your business profit.

1.   Take advantage of using the local listing information service offered by Google, Bing and Yahoo. (Not the same as the Directories.)  This gives pertinent information about your brick-and-mortar store(s) as well as providing a link to your website.  If you have more than one location, make sure each store has its own separate local listing.

2.  Offer customer testimonials either on a dedicated page or  one of the website pages, i.e., home page, squeeze page or product page.  Future clients and customers like to know what others think about your business.

3.   Don’t abuse keywords.  Choose good keywords as well as using some long-tail keywords (LTK).  The LTK give you a chance to include specific search strings such as, ‘what is the best  Chinese restaurant in Dallas’.   In this case, ‘Chinese restaurant’ would be replaced with your product, and ‘Dallas’ with your city.  Reminder:  Don’t stuff keywords.  They should be used naturally at a level of around 2 percent.

4.  Not fun – but necessary so don’t skip it.  Competitive analysis should be used to find good keywords with your reviewing the top 10 competitors in your field.  A link to help out with this is  or you can use Google Analytics.

5.   Content – content – content …. can’t say it enough.  But it should be fresh content as it seems everyone is looking for something.  Fresh, accurate content that is documented will be appreciated.

6.  Don’t overlook  the power of images.   Use images as a means to introduce keywords.  For example, you might name your image for your Chinese restaurant in Dallas –  LeesChineseRestaurantDallasTexas.jpg. Says it all.    And don’t forget to use the Alt= portion of the image code as a means to insert additional search information.  Remember this is what the visitor will see if they are unable to view the images or have them turned off.


Poor:   ”

Better:   ”Lee’s

7.  Be consistent when providing location and phone information on your pages.  Using different addresses, phone numbers (office, mobile, order department, etc.) on the pages  or an inconsistent presentation can be confusing.   This can not only impact your search engine ranking but also confuse your visitors.  In the samples below,  a potential client might wonder why the phone number in the second listing would show Houston phone number for a restaurant in Dallas  . . . even if it is the owner/manager’s mobile number is registered in Houston but he will still answer all the calls in Dallas.


8.  Optimize your pages to load FAST.  Check with for help with this.  Also, make your pages easy to navigate.  If your visitors have to search around to find links to your websites information, services and  content – they are going to  leave and go elsewhere.

9.  Have you made sure your visitors can get in touch with you if they want?  Include contact information on all your pages.  Don’t want to talk to people?  Then set up an email link or  contact form they can fill in to get in touch with you.  People like to know who they are dealing with.  And, then when you receive a contact message. . . . ANSWER IT.  People are not comfortable dealing with a business that doesn’t respond.

10.  The next recommendations for improvement are pretty much self explanatory:

  • Make your site(s) mobile friendly
  • Take advantage of the social media platforms
  • Use Videos to showcase your business and sell your products
  • Be consistent in what you do  – stick to a schedule and keep information current.
  • Stick with it – it may take up to a year for you to realize benefits and an increase in ranking from these measures.  But,  if you don’t get started,  you’re likely to not seen any improvement in your website traffic or sales ever.

To read the complete article with associated graphic, links, etc., visit this link


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