Troubleshooting: JAVA Horizontal Streaming Banner




When having to work with four (4) different pieces of code for the horizontal streaming banner, encountering a problem would not be a surprise. Should your script not be working correctly, here are a few troubleshooting tips you can check on . For convenience we’ve broken the tips down relevant to each section of code.

External Files

  • Are there any typo’s?
  • Does the code end in the file extension .js ?
  • Is this file in the Root Directory of the domain?


  • Are there any typo’s?
  • For an individual HTML page, is the

    JAVA Script Body code here. It would remain the same.

    (Place the JAVA Script (External Files) at the bottom of the page below the JAVA Scrip BODY code, but before the final that ends the page.   Note that when you use the whole code on the actual page you do not use the ‘scr=’ reference. )


    “DUMMY” Page

    We’ve created a simple dummy page with three (3) images to show how the code might look.

    To view the HTML code for the ‘dummy’ page …. click here.  (Note: The  tags have been used to show where the JAVA Script sections begin and end. Also, when you click on the link, you will be asked if you want to ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ this file – just click on ‘Open’ )

    To see the HTML ‘dummy’ page in action…. click here.

    Final note:

    The code. . . .


    . . . . has been placed at the top of the HTML page (as recommended by the script’s author) to overcome any problems that might be encountered by some browsers.

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