12 Favorite JAVA Scripts

JAVA is a great way to add interest, create dynamics and engage your visitors. The scripts below are some of our favorite JAVA scripts**.   All these and more are available on the page where you can find scripts in numerous categories including:

  • Cookies
  • CSS
  • Forms
  • Image Effects
  • Navigation
  • Page-Details
  • Text Effects
  • and much more

For the scripts below, you can visit the links to either copy/paste the script directly to where you want to use it, or you can have it emailed to you. They all come with instructions on how to set them up and where to put the various sections of script code. Some scripts will need to have the links, images, etc. replaced with your own website addresses or images in order to work correctly.

Page Navigation

1.  Add to Favorites – This small script will launch the browser Favorites window to bookmark the current page. Works in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

2.  Local Search – This script can be used to create a drop down search box for your Web site, just like we use on our forums. You can also create drop down search forms, hint boxes, and menus.

Miscellaneous Scripts

3.  Bookmark Page – Let your visitors bookmark any page on your site, then re-visit that page from a list of bookmarks on your home page. Lets your visitors have a list of favorites only particular to your site.

4.  Email this page script – This script is an elegant solution for those that want to add a “Send this Page to a Friend” feature to their site.

5.  Gallery Viewer – Displays any of several images on the same page just by clicking its thumbnail. This way, it is unnecessary to open a new window or use the back button after going to each page. Sizes can be altered as required. Easy!

6.  Text Effects – Text scrolls from bottom to top, pauses, then scrolls up and out of view. A link can be added, opening in a new window. Configuration is simple.


7.  Banner Rotater [sic] – Use this script to rotate your banner ads. Just set the images, URLs and the delay time. Very easy to implement.

8.  Enlarge an Image – This one line script changes the image size and source on your thumbnail picture without reloading the page or using popups.

9.  Rotating Images – Display your images in a rotating sequence. Easy to set up and very unobtrusive.

10.  Simple Image Gallery – Use this script to display images, one at a time, on your Web page. Very easy to set-up, and includes captions.

11.  Simple Thumbnail Solution – Use this script to browse through a series of images. The thumbnail images are displayed, and a larger copy of the selected image is displayed to the right. The selected thumbnail is also highlighted.

12.  Streaming Horizontal Banner – We covered this script in depth in our post of June 8.  Read more here.

Not all JAVA scripts work in all browsers. Therefore, if you plan on using a JAVA script, check it out using  the top browsers to see if in fact it is working and also to see if it looks like it should. Remember, you must upload the pages with JAVA scripts to check them out and proof them.

**Note:  All  script names and descriptions have been taken from the web site; the script descriptions  and claims to action  have been made by the script’s writer.  PTEM is does not make any claim to ownership to any script.

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