Power Management Fix

A recent computer problem had me scratching my head for a few days. So much so I called a friend who is a ‘computer guru’ to see if he could help me – without my having to take my computer into the shop

The problem: when my computer was coming out of ‘sleep’, it would go into what I call ‘hyper-drive’. The hard disc was in run-away mode and wouldn’t stop. The only way I could get my computer back-to-normal, was to turn it off and then back on – in effect. . . a cold boot.

My friend’s first recommendation was to switch out the peripherals (as trouble with peripherals is a characteristic flaw with XP *).   I did this for my keyboard – but had no luck. Other peripherals to try would be . . .




. . . or anything else your computer is using through a USB port.

His second recommendation was to go into my computer’s Power Management program [1] and turn it ‘OFF’. Once I had turned the PMP off, I restarted my computer. So far, turning off the PMP seems to have worked as I’ve not had a re-occurrence of the problem. I should make it clear that I did not turn off the sleep option but rather the portion of the utility that controls the use of power while the computer is in ‘sleep’ mode.

Note: The power management we are referencing is a Microsoft Windows utility originally introduced in Windows XP *; image below  is of Windows 7 Control Panel .


If you’ve not checked out your power management system, give it a look. It offers a lot of options to manage your computer including:

  • Password options
  • Change what power buttons do
  • Change when computer sleeps

As mentioned above,  functions  may vary to some degree depending on your Windows operating system.  The PMS can be found in the computer’s Control Panel.

*  As a footnote, support for XP ended as of April 8, 2014.  This means there will no longer be support or updates.  To learn more about how this might affect your computer’s operation and security, please visit this link . . . . Windows XP Support has ended. 




3 Ways to Video Connect on the Internet for FREE

We’ve discussed Google Hangout as a way to connect with family, friends and business associates on the Internet.   Google Hangout is a video conferencing that allows you to invite multiple participants where everyone can interact at the same time. For more information on Google Hangout, visit this link.

However, there are other programs offering video communicating and conferencing on the Internet.   One you’re probably familiar with . . . Skype. But one you may not have heard of is  Vsee. Vsee is a platform targeting the medical field, however, it can be used for personal and other businesses. We’re going to take a quick look at both.


skypeSkype is a program offering both free and paid service. To use Skype you’ll need a webcam – so people can see you, ISP (Internet connection), a computer or mobile device with microphone and speakers. One of the benefits of Skype is that it will work on multiple devices including:

  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Home phones
  • Television
  • Play Station Vita
  • iPad Touch

Free services include:

  • Skype account and download
  • Video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype
  • Instant messaging and file sharing

Paid services include:

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Text messages
  • Group video calls up to 10 people

For more information and pricing on Skype, visit  this link.


vseeVSee offers both free and paid services. The free service can be used for personal, however, it should be noted that for the free version there are limitations to the number of times it can be used per day. The paid versions target businesses and  the medical field with costs ranging from $9.00 – $299.00 a month.  And like Skype, you’ll need the same basic equipment to connect to the Internet.

Some of the services (free and paid) offered by VSee are:

  • Group video
  • Instant messaging
  • File send
  • HIPPA secure

The paid versions offered vary greatly depending on the amount of support and services required. For more information on VSee and the services offered visit their website at this link.

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Website + Free HTML Editor

speedlimitCouple of quick topics this post – another Free HTML editor (for those who haven’t found one they like yet – this might be it) and some quick tips for boosting your websites speed. If you haven’t heard – speed is now one of the indicators for ranking your website. And while speed is not the determining factor – it can’t hurt to tweak things if your site is loading slowly.

Leafier – HTML Editor

Leafier is a simple HTML editor relatively small in size (684.62K) which functions on several different Operating Systems (WindowsXP, Vista, 7/8). Some of the program’s features are:

  •  Tag insertion
  • Unicode
  • Tabbed multi-document interface
  • Syntax highlighting

The program allows you to select actions by double clicking the menu, by inserting from the list or dragging and dropping. It also features:

  • Font settings
  • Color settings
  • Key customization
  • Bookmarking
  • Plus a few others basic features that are quite helpful

This program can be downloaded* from Cnet at this link:

*Note: The final decision to download any program into your computer is the sole responsibility of the user after performing their own due diligence for their computer and/or network.

Quick tips – Website Speed

While speed may not be the primary consideration regarding websites, it does play a part in the site’s overall ranking and should not be overlooked. This is not to say you should go in and replace all your image files or try to revamp the whole site – but rather perform some targeted maintenance, if needed, on the following:

  • Use PNG image files when possible
  • Shrink down or limit JAVA files
  • Remove any CSS templates not in use
  • Have more text – less media (i.e., flash)
  • Keep design simple and minimal
  • Limit amount of words contained on one page (2,500 – 3,500)

Should you be looking for more information, don’t forget you can use the Google Webmaster tools to review your site’s speed as well as get more specific tips.