Tips from a Multi-Million $ Affiliate Marketer

Watched a webinar Tuesday night given by a multi-million dollar Internet marketer who was sharing his process of  ‘making it BIG on the Internet’.

I’ve watched a lot of these webinars over the years and have come to the conclusion that the really successful marketers all pretty much  follow the same blueprint.

It’s not a difficult program, but it is one that requires you dedicate some serious time to building your online business as well as investing a little money.

So, what conclusions and opinions have I come to after watching countless webinars by multi-million dollar marketers over the years?

Stay with an Evergreen Market

When looking for a market direction, i.e., niche,  try and stay with markets that will be just as much in demand tomorrow as they are today. Don’t go for a product that is trendy or simply a current fad.

Choose  a  Dependable  Product

Once you’ve selected your niche, you want to choose a product or offer to promote that is viable and doesn’t look ‘scammy’.

You also want to select a product or offer that comes with a guarantee. When people buy online they want to know they can return the product if they don’t like it – or if it is a subscription, they want to be able to cancel at any time ,  for any reason . . .  the dog ate it!

Where can you find products like these? The most notable affiliate networks are:

  • Clickbank
  • Gravity
  • Neverblue
  • Commission Junction
  • Offer Vault
  • Link Share

Before committing to your niche product, do a little due diligence – check the stats for the product ‘landing’ pages using  as well as doing  a little Internet browsing to get a feel for the product.

Visit the product forums, review feedback and research how or if  the product is advertised. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll want to develop a ‘killer’ landing page.  (More on that in a later post.)

Become an Expert in Your Field

For every product you choose, become an expert. You want to know you product inside out.  You want to be able to answer any and all questions, and be one of the first to present improvements or changes to the public on your website, blog, article or email newsletter.

Another option is to get acquainted with an expert and have them guest post on your blog or work out a business program beneficial to you both.

Choose the Best Advertising Medium for Your Niche

This is the one area that all successful marketers use and while advertising may not be in your budget, you should at least try to do minimal advertising if you want to make it BIG in the affiliate world.

The ‘paid’ advertising method of choice with all of the top affiliate marketers would seem to be adwords.  Some of the top adword sites are:

  • Google
  • MSN Adcenter
  • Adsonar
  • Adbrite
  • Adside
  • Chitika

Another popular method of advertising is to buy banners on sites.  This might sound expensive and you may be asking the question  . . . ‘Where do I start?’ – however, this can be done through direct site buying where you have thousands of sites to choose from or you can contact individual website owners directly to work out a deal.

While looking for information on this method of advertising, I found a site – – that appears to have a free banner program. This is not an endorsement nor do I know anything about it – but thought it looked interesting  and might be a good opportunity for those that want to investigate it further. 

Know Your Advertising Market’s Demographics

While advertising is important, it’s of little value if not correctly done. This means you should choose only one or two advertising sources and become an expert on them.

With regard to adwords, one method is to place about four ads at a time, and do split-marketing  using a different approach for each ad ‘pair’.   For example, one ad set comprised of two individual ads might make a statement “Get Top Secret for ____ Here!” while the second ad set –  for the same product –  might ask the question “Do You Suffer From ______?”

Once you’ve placed your ads, follow the results to see which ad set received the most traffic – and return on the dollar.

How much money you spend on advertising depends on your product market and your budget.  Also, if you have trouble writing ad copy, educate yourself on the principles and psychology of advertising, or hire a professional.

Your success also depends on your following the stats for the product landing page, your page and the websites you plan to advertise on. Three good,  free sites for gathering stats are:

  • Google Ad Planner

Develop Your Own Product

The final step in the blueprint  is that in almost every case the top Internet Marketers develop and sell their own product after having reached a particular income level.

This product can be relevant to their niche, a service or utility software program or an ebook. This is not to say they have all sat down and developed their own product – but the idea is their own.

Once you’ve reached your income goals, you’ll easily be able to afford to hire someone to produce the product based on your ideas.


Sound like a lot of work? You bettcha. But, nothing was ever gained by sitting around and dreaming. So if making it BIG on the Internet is your goal – be willing to invest some serious time and a certain amount of money to get there.

Note:  This article is based on my interpretation of the webinar given by Mike Colella and is not intended to be anything other than an opinion.  

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