On Line Shopping Carts

We’ve talked in the past about how the best way to may money on line is to have a product. How you dispense that product is the next step.

The product will probably fall into one of the following categories:

  • Physical product that you sell and ship
  • Physical product you have drop-shipped
  • E-book that is down loaded
  • Software product that is down loaded

Open Cart

This post will deal with the methods of selling and shipping your own physical product(s). There are several ways you can do this, but the most efficient is to have a ‘shopping’ cart.

Much like Word Press a cart has a dashboard for total control. From the dashboard you can monitor orders and sales; create the categories; set prices; and much more. The shopping cart available from your Host Gator account is Open Cart and is easily down loaded and installed from your Host Gator  account cPanel. Once installed you can configure the cart to fit your needs. The following are some of the modules you’ll want to set:

  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Shipping rates
  • Tax rate
  • Coupons or discounts
  • Highlight ‘Best Sellers’
  • and more!

Other Carts

While having your own cart is preferable, there are other ‘carts’ out there IF they meet your needs. Some of the things you want to look for are:

Inventory control – if you only have one item will the cart show that item ‘sold’ once it has been purchased; does it show items ‘out of stock’; need to pre-order

Item – is your description limited; can you upload pictures

Shipping – show shipping costs; free shipping; if there are countries you don’t want to ship to can you opt-out

Categories – can you offer sub-categories; are there limits to the number of categories you can have

Payment – are you limited to one method of payment

Email – automatic email responder to orders; email invoices

Cost – are there monthly fees associated with using their cart

If you plan on setting up a long term selling program, the best bet is to have your own domain, own hosting and own cart. But, for those that want to explore other options, you may want to check out the shopping carts below offered (some by way of a ‘storefront’) . . .


In today’s economy, easy is the name of the game, and making on line selling easy for your customer as well as yourself will hopefully result in happy customers and your being a non-frustrated seller.

I would offer a final word of warning, beware of those  online ‘store fronts’ offering to set you up in an online store – sometimes within their own website.  They may even offer to help you find a product. We’ve talked to many people that have signed up for such a service only to find not only do they now own their domain name but also have little or no control . . . and sadly, usually the monthly ‘rental’ payments are high with no return on their investment because there is no traffic.

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