Landing Page 'Deadly Sins'

Watched a webinar last week about optimizing landing pages.  It was given by Tim Ash – a noted Internet guru.   I have to say we watch a lot of webinars but this one was one of the best yet. The presentation was well done, concise and the information was excellent.

We’ve all heard about search engine optimization, but, probably haven’t given any thought – or very little – to optimizing a landing page. This was the first webinar I’d watched that specifically addressed the dos and don’ts of building a landing page. A landing page might be defined as the page you want the visitor to ‘land’ on – regardless if it is your website, an affiliate page, product page or opt-in page. It’s a page where you want something to happen.

In his hour long webinar, Tim addressed what he called the ‘seven deadly sins’ of  landing pages. Below you will find a brief summary of  those seven no-no’s.

No. 1 – Unclear call to action

Be specific about what you want the visitor to the page to do. Do you want them to click on something, fill-in a form, maybe buy something, etc.

No 2. – Too Many Choices

Don’t offer too many choices as this becomes confusing. If you’re like me, if there are too many choices or I’m not sure which product is best – I don’t do anything at all.

No. 3 – Limit information input

 If you’re having someone sign-up or opt-in, don’t ask for any more information than is necessary to get the promised product to them. People are reluctant to give out any information that might be personal or result in their being harassed, i.e., if you’re sending something via email, you don’t need their address.

No. 4. – Too much text

 Limit the amount of text. People don’t like to read big blocks of text. If you have a lot to say, break it down into small bites, ie., lists, small paragraphs.

No. 5 – Keep your promise

If you say you’ll do something, do it. Keep to the time schedule and if you say you’ll give them something ‘free’ . . . do it.  In other words, don’t make them give more information, sign-up again, pay shipping/handling costs, etc. to get what you said you’d give them for ‘free’. (This one is a real turn-off to me.)

No. 6 – Visual distractions

 No visual distractions – this means no blinking text, images, etc. Any time you have movement on the page – it is likely to distract the visitor and take them away from what you intended them to see.

No. 7 – Lack of trust

You want your visitor to feel like they can trust you. This can be accomplished through tenure (length of time online) or displaying various logos of trusted memberships, ie., Better Business Burea or Verisign.

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As with most webinars, they’re typically a teaser. Enough information to get your attention and get you interested, so you say, ‘Yeah, I want to do that’ . . . but not quite enough to give you the whole picture so that you can implement it.


But not to worry – if you would like to learn more about landing page optimization – you can get Tim Ash’s book, Landing Page Optimization from My copy just arrived today and I can’t wait to read it!

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