Internet Marketing's Top 2 Questions Answered

We get a lot of emails – some with webinar links – all touting different ways to make money. After watching one such webinar last week, we received a follow-up email. What made this email interesting was the fact that it addressed the two most commonly asked questions regarding Internet marketing.

1. How quick can I start making money?

2. How much do I need to know?

We’d all like to have the answers to these two questions. While there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, I think you’ll find our take on the answers we received in the email to be informative . . . and hopefully helpful, if you’re thinking of pursuing Internet Marketing (IM).

How quickly can I start making money?

Have you been tempted to follow through on one of those emails offering the opportunity to make $10,000 a week . . . if you buy my product today?

Contrary to all the hype you read about  these ‘get rich quick’ schemes, this is not a get rich quick business. And while there are always exceptions to the rule – IM is a very inconsistent business at best, particularly at the start.

If you are already promoting a product, you know what I’m talking about. Some days you’ll only get 1 or 2 subscribers; some days more. Some days you get multiple orders; other days nothing.  And, if you’re lucky enough to have 100+ sales a day, even this is subject to fluctuation.

For those with limited traffic, ie, under 100 visits a day or for those trying to build a list, having  just 1 or 2 sales a day is not going to pay the bills.

So how do you decide if  Internet Marketing  is right for you?  If you fall into either one of these categories – desperate or cannot afford to go a few months without enough income to pay your bills – you should not be depending on IM to make you rich fast. However, if you can afford to take a few months to learn the ropes and then work hard, you will be able to build an online IM business over time.

How much do I need to know?

Getting started setting up an IM business can be challenging if you do not have any knowledge of terminology, hosting, coding,  etc. In some cases there is so much information out there coming at you daily, you find yourself suffering from information overload not knowing which direction to take.  

Our goal is to present good information in an easy to understand format – or as some would say . . . we like to follow the KISS principle… keep it simple stupid.

Basically there are two ways to earn money online:

1. Create your own product and sell it

2. Find someone else’s product and sell it.

That’s about as simple as it gets. Do not let yourself be taken in by programs that advertise some sort of MLM or pyramid program that say you can invest $10 today and get millions back in two weeks. This has scam written all over it. And, as much as you might be tempted to give it a try – don’t.  Just move on.

In order to make real money online you must sell something. If you are just getting started, sell someone else’s product.  Then once you’ve  set up your  domain or wordpress site,  you’re ready to start a business plan.  This business plan might look like the following:

1. Create a squeeze page (web page with a headline, 3-4 bullet points and an opt-in box to collect names and emails)

2. Build your list from the opt-ins

3. Develop a relationship with your subscribers by offering good information

4. Recommend other people’s products

5. Develop your own product(s)

When developing an IM business – SELL is the name of the game.

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Check back next week when we’ll be covering the steps – start to finish – on how to put up a WordPress blog – personal or business.

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