4 Reasons Internet Businesses Fail

We’ve all heard many times what we should  do to be successful as an Internet Marketer – but what about some of the things that we shouldn’t do. Things that can stall us in our tracks, overwhelm us,  and keep us from moving forward realizing our goals.

Project Over-load

Many marketers think that if one website will make them x-number  of dollars, then having multiple websites will make them multiple times the dollars. Not so. This is even more true for newbies.   If you are just starting your online business, you should be focusing on getting that one website ranking in the search engines.

Unless you have unlimited time or someone helping you (at no cost), trying to get multiple websites ranking at the same time is difficult and time consuming.  This is especially true due to  recent changes made to search engines regarding  “what-is” and “what-isn’t” allowed, and what works and what doesn’t work .   You don’t want to do anything that might get your new website sent to the ‘sandbox’.  The best guide for optimizing your website and avoiding the techniques that can get your totally banned is Planet Ocean – Search Engine News.

Information Over-load

We all need to have a certain amount – and somewhat broad field  – of knowledge  to be an Internet marketer . . . especially if you’re building your own website or blog.  But, when it comes to choosing your Internet business, i.e., affiliate marketing, selling products, blogging for profit, etc.  – focus on only what you need to know to make that particular business choice successful.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it help if I have videos available on line?
  • Do I need an email list?
  • Do I need to purchase products and write reviews?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to move forward with  purpose. And during the learning process, don’t try to learn everything about everything or you’ll never get anything done. Find the direction you want to go, decide what you need  and then stick to a plan.

Reluctance to Outsource

If you are the type of person that likes to maintain control, do everything yourself and finds it difficult to delegate tasks – even to qualified people, you’ll need to rethink and adjust this attitude to become successful.   Much like trying to learn everything about everything, you won’t be able to do everything necessary to have a successful Internet business. You’ll soon find you need to outsource some of the tasks such as content writing, submitting articles, or having an active ‘social’ network.   Even if your monthly income is in the hundreds rather than thousands, only by outsourcing  some tasks can you grow your business.

Think outsourcing is too expensive?  Look at – this is an interesting  website where people offer their services for only $5.00.   Search for the service you want, and then review the results and make your decision based on the provider’s feedback.  Not only do you want someone that gives  the best bang for the buck, but also someone that’s going to do what they say they’ll do and do it in a professional manner.

Another excellent way is to outsource your to different providers around the world. One of the best ways to do this is by using Operation Outsourcing. In the “book”, you will learn how to evaluate, select, train and hire a team to work for you without paying a bomb!   Best part – it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked – so you can see for yourself how to leverage others to work for you.

Lack of Dedication

This is probably the No. 1 reason  most people never make any money online . . . they are not willing to dedicate time every day to making their dream come true . . . or at the very least stick to a strict, set schedule.  After all, if you woke up on random mornings and simply decided not to go into work – do you think you’d get paid for those days or advance in the company?   Not likely. Having an online business that is profitable and makes money is exactly the same. It requires dedication, focus and action.

While there are many reasons many Internet marketers fail – we think these are the top four. Conquere these and you’ll at the very least have the best opportunity you can for building the successful Internet business you want.

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