The code above will display as:


In the case above we’ve placed the picture of an apple on the page, but you can use whatever image you want – or maybe a simple math problem. You’ll also note that for the VALUE = we’ve used specific words:¬†¬† Type name here……¬†¬† Having a phrase here is important. Again, you can use whatever phrase you like.

Once you have this bit of code in the form along with the image, upload the form as before. You do not have to make any changes to the¬†existing¬†CGI script you’re using.

Step 2: Set-up an Email Filter

You can now set your email to filter any messages that come through with the exact words . . .

Human: Type name here….

Note:¬† Human is the ‘field name’;¬† Type name here….. is the ‘value=’.

 and have those emails sent directly to Trash.

A real person will type the name or response in the correct space, i.e., apple Рand as such the filter criteria will not be met Рso the message will go to the In Box.

Setting up this filter is much like setting up a filter to receive email forms in the In Box.¬† The difference being that you would replace the email address¬† with the exact word phrase – Human:¬† Type name here…..

For information on setting up the Form Filter, visit this link. 

We’ve found this solution to be very easy to implement¬†as well as effective. However, we recommend your testing this process a couple of times to be sure it works using your HTML form and current email program.

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How to Get Rid of Email Form Spam . . . In 2 Easy Steps

If you have email forms online, you’ve probably gotten one – if not many – of those annoying responses either filled with gibberish or crammed with ads and links to obscure websites offering odd products. Singular trash emails are usually filled in by humans just to be annoying. But, when you find yourself getting dozens of spam responses, those usually have been submitted by a computer – filling your In Box with junk email that you feel compelled to review just so you don’t miss a real response from a real person.

One of the more common solutions to this problem is to use Recaptcha. A free program that offers scripts to place at the bottom of the form forcing the real person to type in a sometimes almost un-readable, skewed string of letters and numbers. More often than not, if the string isn’t right on the first try, the visitor will leave the page rather than go through the frustrating process of trying to decipher another skewed string and you lose a potential customer. Might add that while the service is free – you’ll need to know how to set up the code in both the HTML form and server-side script to have it work.

Our solution is not exactly rocket-science, but if you’re looking for a relatively simple solution to stop email form spam from going into your In Box, we have one you can implement in just a couple of easy steps.

For the purpose of this solution, we’ll assume you are using the following:

  • An HTML email form using CGI-form mail; method=Post. (For more info on setting up a form, visit this link)
  • A Google email account – although any email that allows you to set filters¬†should work.

Step 1: In the HTML form you will need the following lines of code

(HTML Code is in BLUE)

To the line that defines your field names:   add a field labeled Human. (You can call it anything you want.)

Next, at the bottom of the form, just before ‘submit’ place the following line of code:

Note: We’ve shown how it might look if placed inside of a table. If you’re not using a table, just remove the row and column code. (

. . . . . .
To show us you are human, please type the name of the fruit in the box. >