Alley Code HTML Editor

Looking for a good FREE HTML Editor you can use to write . . .

  • HTML
  • Text (Use to write CGI and JAVA scripts)
  • CSS
  • PHP


Look no further than Alley Code.¬†¬† You’ll note in the image above that the tabs allow you to select the desired¬†application.¬†¬†Once selected,¬† the program will display the¬†appropriate features.

While this free program has some minor limitations, the features it does offer are more than enough to keep you content and using it. In addition to the usual Quick Key inserts for HTML like Control+B for bold, and Control+Enter for a hard return
, F11 to preview the page in the default browser, etc..

Alley Code also has another big benefit – it allows you ‘one-click’ insertion of programming code for tables, forms, PHP, etc. . However, one thing to remember about using this ‘one-click’ insertion is that you will¬†still need to know the basic mechanics and construction of the particular code you want to use for inserting the tags in the proper order.

For example, clicking on ‘Table’ does not insert a fully functional table. You will have to define the size, number of rows and columns, padding, border, border color, etc. The Table Wizard will do all of this for you to the point that you can select colors and background images¬†if you want them but you’ll need to know how you want the table to display before you begin.

Let’s take a look at some of the ‘one click’ features included for each of the following:

Common (HTML & XHTML)

  • SEO Optimizer
  • Page Properties
  • Auto Insertion of Hyperlinks & Set-up
  • Insertion of Images
  • Insertion of Special Characters
  • Horizontal Alignment
  • Automatic Set-up of Lists (Unordered & Ordered)
  • Insertion of Frames


Table Set-up
  • Table Wizard to insert and set-up tables
  • Insertion of Lines, Columns and Alignment
CSS Code
  • Style Sheet Wizard
  • Class Selector
  • ID Selector
  • Remote Link
  • Inline Style
  • Form ‘Wizard’ offers 4 different types of forms
  • Insertion of Form
  • Form styles – text, field, hidden
  • Button selection (Radio or Box)
  • Insert Submit/Reset
PHP Code
  • Fifteen different PHP Codes to select from
  • Statement selection – If, Else Switch, For, While

These are just a few of the features offered by Alley Code to help make creating your web pages much easier. Get more information about features at this link. And, you can download your own Alley code program from this link.  Be sure to read all the system requirements and terms of use before downloading.

Still have questions, they also have online help available at this link.

Personal Note:¬† We’ve been using AlleyCode for the past couple of weeks and have been very happy with it.¬† It actually performs better than our paid program.

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