10 Basic HTML Actions, Pt. 1

When first beginning to write and use HTML for building websites and in some cases setting-up WP blogs, there are things you may want to do but perhaps find it hard to look up because you don’t know the ‘correct’ name to use for searching.  However, knowing the name of the function (or action) so you can look it up to get instructions can make things a lot easier.  [ Part 2 ]

Listed below are ten (10) of the more common HTML tasks you may want more information on . . . along with the name to use when looking them up either online or in a book.    (Actual HTML code is shown in blue.)

1.  Don’t want your links underlined?

There may be times when you want a clean looking page.  One where your links are not underlined. The underlining of a link is part of  ‘Text Decoration’ and can be addressed from an individual style sheet on the page.

2.  Want the color of a text link to change when the cursor is placed on it?

You’ve seen pages where the links change color when the cursor is passed over them. This is called ‘Hover’ and can also be defined from the individual style sheet. You can assign any color to the hover color using a hexadecimal color definition.

For example,

In our sample above, we’ve defined text-decoration as ‘none’ (no underlining of links) and our text link as changing color when hovered over by defining a ‘hover’ color using hexadecimal colors.

The hover color will be #FF0000 (red).   [Our regular text will be black based on the color assigned in the tag.  ]

When using