Protecting Your Content

Did you know that Google has an Authorship form that allows you to register yourself as the author of your website and blog content? This registration is done through your Google + account. If you don’t have a Google + account, it’s easy enough to get – and it’s free. (Get account here.)

Once you’ve created the account you can follow the steps below that will help get your ‘Authorship Snippets’ showing up in the ‘Search Engine Results Pages’ (SERP)

Before we begin, do want to let you know there are two ways to do this.

One is by using the ‘rel=author’ snippet on the page;

the other is by using a registered email tied to the domain.


1)      The guidelines for either process are available from the Google Content Guidelines page. (Go to Guidelines)

The information for inserting the rel=author snippet (and for using the alternate email method) is excellent – so you shouldn’t have any trouble. Just be sure to read through everything before you begin.

2)     Check to make sure your snippets are written correctly by using a special tool to check them.  (Get snippet tool)

3)     Complete the Authorship Form making sure to use an email address that matches the domain (if applicable).

If you have more than one website or blog,  set up an email for each one. You will need to verify ownership – but that’s easy too. You’ll get an email and all you do is click on ‘Verify’.  (View Authorship Form)

4)     Go to your Google + Profile and edit it to include the main domains that you contribute to.

5)    Check the SERP in a couple of weeks for content that you’ve marked up.


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