Niche Marketing Made Easy

Yes, I want my $1.00 Trail Membership todayWe’ve covered a lot of the basics on building a website and blog and today would like to introduce you to a program for generating income from your website or blog. One we’re very excited about . . . Affilorama.

Affilorama is a program that takes you through the process – step-by-step – of how to use niche marketing to earn money. Spearheaded by Mark Ling – a very successful Internet marketer – this program shows you how to find a profitable niche and then build a website or blog to monetize it. Unlike many other programs, we have found Mark’s program to be more detail oriented. Not only are his explanations easy to understand but also there are online, pre-recorded webinars for you to view.

While many of the ‘gurus’ out there promise a 6 or 7-digit income in a few months time or less – this is unrealistic – and in our opinion – Affilorama tells it like it is.   Yes, you can make money but it’s not going to be overnight.  And, if you work hard and follow his lead, you could work your way up to a 6-digit income.  We’ve been with Mark for two months now and are very pleased with the quantiy and quality of the information we’ve received. And, best of all they’ve been very responsive to all our questions.

If you’ve heard rumor that the search engines are going to be cracking down on sites that contain only 1 page for the purpose of ‘niche marketing’ – too much duplicate content* – this is true.  However,  Affilorama will show you how to market your niche product in an acceptable, search engine friendly way without the fear of getting banned for duplicate content.

* Duplicate content is the using of the exact same content on pages within the same domain – or – creating a website that uses the same niche marketing ‘pitch page’ , i.e., Clickbank, that everyone else is using . . . resulting in hundred’s if not thousands of the same product page being on the Internet with the exact same content.

Right now you can get a $1.00 Trail Membership to Affilorama – check it out, see what Mark has to offer.  And, if you don’t find it beneficial or think you’re not quite ready for monetizing your site at this time –  you can cancel . . .  but at least you will have taken a look at what Affilorama has to offer.  Sign up and in addition to your $1 trial membership you also get the free report below.

Click here to get started with Mark Ling's Affilorama program today and get this free report

We hope you find this program as exciting as we do and look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

P.S.  To give you an idea of  what Affilorama offers . . . tonight we’ll be joining Mark in an  hour and a half  ‘bootcamp’ webinar (no. 2 of 3) dedicated to showing us how he puts  together a ‘niche’ blog that works and makes money. 

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