Making Money with Google’s AdSense

For those that may not be familiar with AdSense . . . AdSense is a program that pays you for displaying ‘targeted’ Google ads on your site. These ads can be customize to match the mood and feel of the site, or seamlessly blend into the site’s look. Success and activity can be tracked through various methods one of which is ‘channels’. Since Google maintains the advertisers ‘pool’, the publisher (site owner) never has to negotiate any advertising rates and best of all – signing up for an AdSense account is free.

Of all the ways to monetize a website, Google’s AdSense is probably the most recognized. If you currently have a website but are not using AdSense as a method to earn revenue online, you may want to consider doing so. Here are a brief overview and a few tips to introduce you to the program.

Three Basic Step$ to Making Money with AdSense

Once you have made application and been accepted . . .

  1. You decide where to show the ads on your website
  2. Google then displays relevant ads based on various factors including content, demographics and/or location
  3. You get paid based on your choice of offered payment options (a benchmark amount must first be reached)

AdSense Isn’t Just for Websites

Ads can be placed on mobile webpages, RSS feeds, parked domains, site search and blogs. In addition to having a choice of where to display ads, you can also choose how the ads appear. You have options to:

  • Select different sizes of ads
  • Select colors to match site
  • Create color-palettes to save for future use
  • Select presentation of ads, i.e., text, image or both
  • Choose font, corner style
  • How an ad’s space will be filled if an ad is not shown (color, PSA or other non-Google ad – recommended)
  • Set up channels for tracking your ad’s success
  • Name your ads for easy recognition
  • Manage your ads regarding channels, editing, and hiding

Note:  Google AdSense ads are not deleted but rather are ‘hidden’ through a function on the ‘dashboard’.

Tracking Your Success

There are detailed reports to help you track your ‘clicks’ and improve your performance. You can watch earnings by day, date range, page, domain, ad unit, clicks and more. Google Analytical Reports offer an even more detailed breakdown of your earnings.

This is a very basic overview of what Google AdSense represents. If you would like more information on Google AdSense or would like to make application for an account, click here  to take a tour.

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