Internet Marketing Update

A few weeks back I mentioned I was starting a new program – Affilorama – that for me was a new approach to Internet Marketing. No hype – just good info with realistic expectations.

Well, I’ve just completed my first website using all of Mark’s recommendations and now will wait to see how it performs. If you would like to see the finished product and how I put it together – please visit

Affilorama Premium

While working through the steps to put this website together, I have found the Affilorama program to be easy to understand with an unbelievable number of free tools that cover every aspect of building a website or blog.

The fact is their free tool program is exceptional – including tools that cover 6 major Internet Marketing categories for a total of 20 separate tools – and I believe more to be coming. I’ve listed the current tools below for you to see just what you can get.

Pay Per Click Tools

  • Pay Per Click Ad Generator
  • Goolge Adwords Quality Score Checker

Market Research Tools

  • Market Strength Analysis
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool

Webmaster Tools

  • XML Site Generator

SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tools)

  • Social Snoop
  • Trusted Sites Tool
  • Backlink Checker

 Writing Tools

  • Opt-in Box Generator
  • Pop-over Generator
  • Bullet Point Generator
  • Article Compare Tool

Miscellaneous Free Tools

  • Character Count
  • Text Wrapper Tool
  • Clickbank Earnings Calculator
  • Pagerank Calculator
  • Domain Whois
  • URL Redirect Generator
  • Domain Location
  • Meta Tag Generator


Take your ‘first step’  towards Internet Marketing


If you’ve ever thought about delving into the Internet marketing field, Affilorama Premium  should be your first step. Not only will you have access to all the free tools listed above, there’s also a Forum where you can meet other Premium members to discuss various issues as well as have access to Mark’s webinars.

Even Mark’s 3 webinars on Affiliate Blog Bootcamp  plus the Bonus follow-up webinar (this is the Bootcamp that I went through) is available! Believe me when I say I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and the information (and tricks) I’ve learned in the Affilorama Bootcamp and from Mark’s webinars have been worth every penny.

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