How To Earn Money at Home

With the new year comes a sense of renewal and new beginnings. As mentioned in our blog of November 26 we plan on sharing our experiences with Affilorama with you. Our plan is to get organized over the next couple of weeks and implement Mark’s methods for niche marketing as outlined in his “step-by-step” program.

To get our first Affilorama website up and earning money, we’ll begin by re-watching the 3 Bootcamp webinars available for those in the Affilorama Premium Membership program. These webinars take us from start to finish on how to correctly set-up a niche marketing program.

We’ll then implement the following steps:

  1. Review ClickBank and choose an appropriate product
  2. Register a .com name with – World’s No.1 Domain Registrar – based on Mark’s method for choosing a name
  3. Change the DNS nameservers on HostGator for the new .com making it viewable on line
  4. Create a blog (or website) for the new product – again, following Mark’s recommendations
  5. Optimize the product page for the Search Engines using the techniques learned from Planet Ocean
  6. Set up a schedule for updating and marketing our product’s website

These 6 steps are the basics necessary to making money through niche marketing as outlined in Affilorama.

Once we have our new page on line, we’ll let you know so that you can see for yourself how this program looks in action. We’ll even let you know when we make a sale!

In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you non-techy help on everything related to getting your website or blog on line, managing and building your website, optimizing it for the search engines  and understanding how it all works with the ultimate goal in mind of making money.

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