Due Diligence: 9 Questions You Should Ask

Regardless of what you’re doing, due diligence¬†should be part of the equation. Like most of you, I’m always looking for the newest or easiest way – to market either a product, ebook, or such on the Internet.¬†¬† So, when I received an email from one of the Internet’s long-time gurus touting a program that would allow me to publish content in a manner similar to Click Bank, my interest was piqued.¬†¬† Seems I could upload my content, set my own price and share the link to start making sales right away – and for free – I was impressed.¬†¬† But I wanted to know more.

I visited the multiple links embedded in the email and found that each one¬†went to the same page.¬† No where could I find any information about the website and the process to make all this happen.¬† No terms and conditions, no user agreement defined, and no privacy policy.¬†¬†All the stuff you need and want to know beforehand. Bottom line, I had a lot of questions… particularly since it would appear they are based out of the country.

In addition, there was also an affiliate program tied in¬†with no clarification. All of this had me wondering….

  1. Who are the owners running this system?
  2. How long have they been in Internet Marketing?
  3. Do I maintain ownership of my product once it’s on their site?
  4. How are payments made when a sale is made?
  5. Who gets the affiliate sales monies… and how is it paid?
  6. If there is a problem, which country’s laws are used for resolution?
  7. How are product returns handled?
  8. Can I remove my product when I want with no penalty?
  9. Will you at sometime charge for this program in the future? And if so, can I opt out at that time with no cost?

In all honesty, I have to say I did not go through the sign-up process… all this information may have been available there. But for me I like to know what I getting into before I have to sign up. And, while everyone is hoping to find the best¬†money-making program out there, you have to know what you’re getting into before ‘signing’ on the dotted line” ¬†which means taking a deep breath and spending ¬†a little time to perform the necessary due diligence before making a decision and commitment.

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