4 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

I think I can safely say there isn’t anyone out there who would turn down money . . . $5.00, $20 or $100 or more.   Hey, even a $1.00 a day adds up!

Niche Marketing

For those wanting to earn extra money on the Internet, we’ve discussed Affilorama, ie., niche marketing, and how you can use other people’s products either through Click Bank or your own product to generate income. This can be accomplished as a free standing website or as a Word Press blog.

Ad Sense

We’ve also discussed using AdSense on websites and blogs to earn money via pay-per-click (PPC).   Ads can target either content or search keywords.


Another option is to have a true blog site that you can monetized. There are several ways to do this and the following topics are a few ideas to consider for a blog . . .

  • Something you are passionate about – maybe you collect stamps, or love gardening
  • Something about which you possess expert knowledge that others would find helpful
  • Something you can teach others about, i.e., how-to’s
  • Something that is service oriented, i.e., job search, home repair projects, etc.

Traditional Sales

Selling goods on the Internet has been around for a long time. I don’t know of anyone not familiar with Ebay. However, if you’ve got something to sell and want to try your  hand at selling without having any associated costs -take a look at the following classified ad sites:

These sites offer free listings where you can sell various items or place other  listings for just about anything.

Should you decide to sell items via a classified ad, here are seven things to take into consideration:

  1. Always give accurate information about the item, note any thing the buyer may consider a negative
  2. If allowed, upload a picture of the item 
  3. List the price and let viewer’s know if you are negotiable
  4. If shipping is required, note if shipping/handling/insurance charges are included or will be added on
  5. Make a note if state sales taxes will be collected and how much
  6. Give a contact phone number.  Make it even easier for your buyers or clients by getting an inexpensive  ‘800’ number from Kall 8 
  7. Advise payment options, i.e., PayPal, Personal Check, Money Order
  8. Do not ship/deliver the item until you have been paid in full (allow personal checks to clear before shipping item)

Opportunities for making money on the Internet are almost unlimited.  All you have to do is decide which direction you want to take. Check back next time when we’ll discuss how to use Facebook to grow your business.

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