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It’s encouraging to see companies moving forward, improving services, etc. and Host Gator – the hosting service we use and recommend – is no exception. For the non-Host Gator (HG) clients out there, thought you might find it interesting to read about some of the enhanced HG features and services we were notified of in a recent email.

Online Credit Card Payments

One of the most interesting was iPayment which is a method to receive credit card payments online. In the past if you wanted to take credit card payments via your web site, you either had to have your own credit card account – which can be pretty expensive if you’re not generating a lot of income – or sign up for and use PayPal. Now, you have another choice – iPayment – offered through Host Gator. The iPayment program has no application fee, no set-up fee, no contract term and instant approval.

Website Development

If you’re putting together your own web site, blog or perhaps doing either of these for others, then you may find that ‘Trendy Site Builder’ is just what you need.

“Trendy Site Builder is a stunning Flash Site Building tool that helps users build websites with a “Wow!” factor. The site builder includes features like image galleries, Mp3/Video player, Paypal integrated Online Store, Contact form, Online Greetings, and much more. One of the stand out features is an absolutely stunning iPhone optimized website that is generated automatically for easy accessibility on iPhone and other smart phones. Ranking on Google and other search engines becomes a breeze with the inbuilt SEO optimization. Install it now to experience the amazing ease with which you can build a stunning website and find out why it is the World’s Favorite Website Builder!”

Of all the available features offered by Trendy Site Builder, we found the one that allows you to create iPhone websites the ‘grabber’ here since everything is moving in the ‘mobile’ direction.

If you’re proficient or even semi-proficient in HTML, you may be interested in one of the following:

  • Over 800 Word Press themes
  • Over 5,000 web site templates

Both of the above can be purchased (at a nominal cost)  through HG and downloaded.  However, if you’re wanting  a website but would rather have someone else to do the work for you, get a free web design quote from Host Gator and let them do all the work.

Is Your Site Safe?

Site security is the last element we want to bring to your attention. Security is available through Site Lock Security in three (3) reasonably priced, yearly plans – available at up to 80% off . . . only for Host Gator customers.  Use this program to keep not only your website secure but also your customer’s information safe.


Keeping up with the times is important and we hope this brief overview of what’s new at Host Gator will help you make a decision if you’re in the market for an excellent hosting provider.  Don’t forget Host Gator also has multiple programs and services – simple installations, stat programs, email, shopping carts, word press, and much more –  that make having an online business, website or blog easy and efficient.

Final note:  We want to stress that it is the responsibility of each individual to investigate these features beforehand to see if they might be of benefit to their overall business plan as well as fit their budget constraints. When making business decisions, due diligence is imperative – especially in these tough economic times.

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