Hosting Service

Next Step – you’ve secured your domain name and you’re ready to get hosted.    Here are a couple of options:

  • Have your website hosted where it is registered.  Most domain registering services offer this service for an additional monthly fee.
  • Have your website hosted with a stand-alone hosting provider.

Before making a decision which way to go do a little investigating and make some comparisons – cost and services provided.    Review the services you will need  to accomplish your goals … make a list of them – don’t forget to include long term goals and  possible expansion.    Some things you may want to consider are:

  • What type of  security do they have  for accepting credit cards?
  • Are you limited by size of your website?
  • If it goes beyond a limit will your rate increase?
  • Do you have unlimited emails?  Email  forwarders?
  • Can you add-on domains at no cost?
  • Can you have sub-domains?
  • What type of software and services do they offer? CGI? Perl? PHP?
  • Can you install a blog into your domain?
  • Do they offer site back-up?
  • Do they have a cPanel?
  • Do they have live help?
  • What is their ‘up’ time?

These are just a few of the things to consider when looking for a hosting provider.    If your website will be simple or maybe  you want to have a blog under a domain name – you may find that going with the registering company will suffice.  However, if your plans are to expand your site and add on more domains, blogs, niche templates – turning your efforts into a full time job targeting a full time income – then you want to find the hosting service provider that offers everything.  You may not need it at first – but somewhere along the line you will – and moving a domain is to be avoided if possible. 

For our 10+ years of experience we have found that Host Gator is top of the line.  They have excellent 24/7 help – always courteous, different levels of hosting to suit your requirements  . . . they even have a reseller program if you want to go into the hosting business yourself.  Best part of becoming a Host Gator Reseller  is that you keep all the money you collect!

Final thought – For those of you out there that are having someone else build your website – maybe registering the domain,  setting up hosting service – make sure BEFORE you commit to anything – that you have it in writing that you will receive a complete copy of all information associated with your accounts.  Also make sure they understand that everything is to be registered in  your name, with your contact information.   We’ll talk more about how to avoid a ‘hostage’ situation in the near future.

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