Domain Hosting and What You Need to Know

HGcPanelAs previously discussed regarding having all the information associated with the registration of your  domain name, you also want to have all the information associated with your hosting provider and setting up the account as well. 

But before we cover that information you should know why you always want to have your domain hosted with a stand-alone company.  NEVER let anyone put your registered domain website  inside of  their existing website.  This can be disguised as offering to include you into their ‘directory’;  setting your domain up as a sub-domain of their existing website;  or including you in their account as a domain ‘add-on’.   They can do this at no cost to themselves and charge you for it being a stand alone service.   How can they do this you may ask?  It’s very easy.  All they do is upload your information and do what is called a ‘redirect’.  When this happens, you are basically at their mercy.   Not everyone will try to take advantage of a situation, but there are a few that make it a business to do so.  That is why it is best to have your own hosting account.  There are different levels of hosting service dependant on your needs.  Anything from a basic ‘no frills’  single domain – to reseller programs where you can have your own hosting business or use it to re-sell domains you have created.

The information you should have to be in control of your account  is the DNS name server information, the User Name, and password(s).  Depending on the hosting service you may or may not have additional pin numbers and security questions.    Bottom line is that you want all the information associated with any account you may have paid someone to set up for you.

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