Using a Color Wheel

Most things in life seem to follow an order or pattern of some sort. Colors are no different.  There is a definite order to colors and for those out there that may be artistically challenged or unfamiliar with the types of colors,  we’re going to cover a few color basics here.

  • Order of colors – primary, secondary, etc.
  • Combination of colors – what you get when you combine primary colors or primary with secondary colors
  • Complimentary colors – opposites; what colors you can use together or what colors compliment each other

When building a web page, blog or creating graphics, the first thing thought  is usually which color or colors to use. How you choose to use these colors can be  as simple a process as  following the groups of colors labeled on the color wheel below.

Types of Colors

Primary colors:   red, blue, yellow – these colors stand on their own

Secondary colors:   orange, green violet are created by the combination of 2 primary colors, i.e, red + blue = violet;   blue + yellow = green;   red + yellow = orange

Intermediate colors: created by the addition of a primary color to a secondary color

Using  Colors

Using multiple colors may mean you use the same family of colors, i.e, colors that would fall into the blue-violet range or it can mean that you use complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. The complimentary colors for the three (3)  primary colors are

red → green

blue → orange

yellow → violet

Note:  The complimentary color for each  primary color is the secondary color you would get if you were to combine the remaining two primary colors ! 

Color Wheel

Use this color wheel to help create your own color schemes. For more color help visit the posts below.

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