Wonder Wheel & Keywords

We all know the important role keywords play in Internet business and that they are particularly important in how they apply to:

  • Selecting a domain name
  • Optimizing your website for search engine ranking (Meta Tags, Hyperlinks & Image ALT Tags)
  • Selecting which niche market to target
  • Choosing PPC ad words for affiliate/niche marketing

Should you have trouble deciding on keywords,  Google has a couple of really good tools for ferreting out key words, i.e., Google Search based Keyword Tool  and Google Trends .   In addition, there is another tool you may not be familiar with – the Google Wonder Wheel.

You may not be aware but the Wonder Wheel is part of any search you perform on Google.  However, if you do not open the “More Search Tools” under the “All Results” heading in the left sidebar after you have performed a search – you will not see it.

After you open ‘See all Tools’, click on ‘Wonder Wheel’.   A screen will open with an image much like a wheel. The center or hub being your initial search; the ‘spokes’ being related or relevant search topics. Each one of these spokes is a link and will open another screen displaying another ‘wheel’ with deeper relevant topics – or keywords – you can use.

For our sample, let’s do a search for ‘dog training’.  With each one of these spokes being a link to another wheel, you can see that depending on your need, you can take your search to very detailed depths. Each one of these spokes can be used as a keyword or as a basis for choosing a niche. And, navigating the Wonder Wheel is easy – to get back to the previous wheel – just click the hub in the lower wheel.

Click twice on the images to enlarge;
click once to return to original size.

For example, when looking at one of the spokes – ‘dog leash training’ – not only do we get general ‘leash’ references, but also we get collar training, harness training, off leash training, pit bull leash training and cat training.

If you are using the Wonder Wheel to find keywords for an existing website or to promote a particular product,  you may find that the deep link, alternative keywords have little value; however, if you are looking for and researching a niche to market – then using the Wonder Wheel can open up a whole new world of possibilities and maybe give you some new ideas.

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