Product Review: YubiKey

The original intent of the Internet was for sharing, however, as more and more services become available, so has the need for security.

Almost every service – or account we sign up for – now requires a password – some passwords are not as important as others. With hackers becoming more aggressive and increasing in number, the possibility for your identity (username and password) to become compromised has reached new levels. And, while there is a growing demand for more secure hardware devices, most of the time these devices are either too expensive or too complicated for the general public.  Not any more.

I don’t very often see a new product that I would recommend, but saw this little device last week and was impressed not only with the simplicity of it (uses a USB port)  but also the low cost. If you are in a situation where you need or want to protect your laptop or computer, then the Yubikey may be just what you need.

Quoting from the website, “The YubiKey is a hardware authentication token that looks like a small USB memory stick, but it is actually a keyboard. With the command of an integrated touch button, the device can send a time-variant, secure login code as if it was typed in from a keyboard. And because USB keyboards are standard on all computers the YubiKey works on all platforms and browsers without the need for client software.”

This simple bit of hardware can be used for secure access to e-mail, VPN, Windows login, disc encryption and web single sign-on – as well as many other applications.  And, from some of the comments I read, it is practically indestrutible.

It would be the perfect way to secure access to laptops/computers for students, office workers, or anyone who feels their computer and it’s contents might be at risk of prying eyes. It might also prove effective for those who use the cloud for computing and want to restrict access through their computer.

Even though we work from a home office, I’m tempted to buy one of these .  We have no affiliation with this product, just thought it was a good idea we wanted to bring it to your attention if you haven’t already heard of it.    You can read more about this product at their website – (Just copy and paste into the address bar).

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