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Website | Blog Maintenance

Have a website or blog?   Then, you’re probably doing so with a mind to making money now and in the future.

And, if that is true, you already know that in order to maintain traffic, search engine ranking and help build a list, you must keep the best maintenance schedule you possibly can.  Part of this schedule may include the following:



  • Keeping the ‘Updated’ date on the website current (no JAVA scripts allowed here)
  • Including new content and information on a regular schedule
  • Expanding the ‘free’ services your website or blog offers your visitors
  • Tweaking code to accommodate the new search engine algorithms

Affiliate Maintenance

Maintaining a regimented schedule for your website and blog are good, however, there may be some less than obvious maintenance you may be overlooking.  If you are an affiliate marketer, you also need to maintain your affiliate accounts activity by placing affiliate ads on your website or blog, and visiting your affiliate account periodically.

On these visits you should check your account for :

  • General Updates or Changes
  • Notices relevant to terms, use of keywords, payment percentage or schedules
  • New discounts or product banners
  • Links for special promotional programs you may be participating in
  • Discontinued programs, advertisers and banners

And, if there is a survey offered, take a few minutes and go through the process.  Doing so keeps you involved and may offer a preview of any upcoming changing giving you a chance to voice your opinion.

Bottom Line

Failure to maintain sales and activity may result in you loosing your affiliate status which means you would be ‘displaying and promoting’ affiliate products without any possible chance of compensation.

Some affiliates and affiliate partnerships notify you when your account is in jeopardy of being terminated. You will then have the opportunity to ‘plead your case’, make a sale or re-apply at a later date.

Others just terminate the account without any prior notification. Not good. And on a few occasions you may find that the  affiliate program you signed up for has gone ‘kaput’ – and your links lead nowhere.  This is more likely to be  true if the affiliate is a ‘stand alone’ product or provider.

These last two circumstances are the ones you especially need to be aware of and watch out for. This is why, logging in to your account periodically will keep you current with all that’s going on or in some cases, maybe what’s not going on.

8 Affiliate Programs – Partnerships

Some of the more noted affiliates and affiliate partnerships are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. Ebay Partner
  4. Google Affiliate (different from AdSense)
  5. Commission Junction
  6. LinkShare
  7. Link Connector
  8. Offer Vault


The affiliates above are just a few of the ones you hear the most about, there are many more.  We’re not recommending you sign up – we’re just putting them out there in case you haven’t heard about them.

And, if you decide to sign up with any affiliate, take time to read the Terms, understand the payment schedule and be willing to work.

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