With unique content being an important part of your website and blog, there’s more than one way to present those sometimes boring facts . . . and that would be by way of using infographics. If you’ve not heard of infographics, you can pretty much decipher the meaning by simply looking at the word “info – graphic” (information – image). By using an infographic you are able to present useful information via images, charts, graphs and brief text with everything rolled into one – effectively showcasing even the most boring topic. Not to mention, the infograhic images themselves can be very useful as links for social media.

Before you start using infographics, it is important to know that they should be well designed and present accurate information. A well thought out infographic requires:

  • A great idea
  • Thorough research
  • Accurate fact compilation
  • Appealing visual presentation
  • Talented graphic artist

Once you have a finished draft of your infographic, review it closely. After review, make final changes where needed so that the final image looks polished and professional.  The image below is a sample infograph.


(Image courtesy

  Putting Together an Infographic

For those who are not familiar with infographics, finding a pleasing presentation for an idea may be a little difficult. This is easily solved. If you are looking for workable ideas, there is a website that features worldwide infographics. Check them out at Cool Infographics.

After reviewing the infographics at the above link, you’ll want to visit Infographics on Infographics.   This website covers some of the basic building-blocks one should consider when designing an infograph:

  • Chart Style
  • Color Recommendations
  • Number of Title Words to Use

This is also a good site to visit when making the final evaluation of your own infographics to see if it follows their recommendations.

Infograph Database Websites

Finally, once you have your infographic finished and uploaded, you’ll want to reap the rewards and promote it by submitting it to one or more of the infographic databases out there.

Some sites to submit to are:


Infographics are an excellent way to build links, so if you haven’t considered using them before, take a little time to see if they might be just what your business needs to give it that extra exposure this year. And if you’re looking for more great tips like this to promote your business, get a Free Trial of Search Engine News.  

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