How to Avoid Spamming

stopspam At some point in you will most likely have need for email marketing.   You may want to use email in your  business to communicate with clients or you may want to use an email program to keep in touch with members of  a praticular group.    If you have been questioning how to set-up and use an email marketing program that won’t fall into the ‘spam trap’  – Aweber is the answer to your question.   (Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a Free Bonus!)

Using your personal or domain email account is not the most effective way to accomplish this. You may also find that you are limited by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with regard to how many emails you are allowed to send out before being labeled SPAM.  And, depending on your email program, there are limitations as to what features are available. You will most probably want to include HTML, active links and images in your business emails . . . and this may not be possible with your current email program.

If  your business, dictates that  you implement one of  the following:

  • Sending out a newsletter
  • Having an auto-responder
  • Creating a sign-up form to your website
  • Managing multiple email campaigns
  • Delivering minutes of meetings

. . .  you will benefit from the  many features of Aweber.

Aweber Features

  1. Email newsletters– Send email newsletters to your opt-in subscribers. Write and schedule them all in one sitting – Aweber will automatically send each one at the date and time you schedule.
  2. Website sign-up forms– Publish a sign up form to your site using a point-and-click Web Form wizard.
  3. Autoresponders – Welcome your new subscribers, educate them, and drive them back to your website.
  4. Unlimited campaigns – Send as many messages as you like, as often as you like at no extra charge. Set up different lists – one for prospects and customers – one for different websites and manage all of them from one account.
  5. HTML email templates– Aweber offers over 103 HTML email templates. You can also paste in your own template or create one from scratch using the point-and-click message editor.
  6. Targeted deliverability– In an era where spam blocking and filtering make it increasingly difficult for small businesses to get their email delivered, Aweber has built strong relationships with ISPs over the past 10+ years doing what it takes to get your email delivered time and time again.
  7. Blog newsletters – Blog Broadcaster automatically turns RSS into email that can be sent to readers daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you have something new on your blog.
  8. Web analytics – Use powerful testing tools and easy-to-read reports to determine what’s working and what isn’t.
  9. Subscriber management– Integrate with shopping carts, import/export subscribers using spreadsheets, and Aweber automatically removes unsubscribes and undeliverable addresses.
  10. Expert customer support– AWeber is easy to use, with educational materials including a blog, videos and live chat. Free customer support also includes your ability to talk to a real person – if you want to.

All of these features are available through Aweber. Their program quickly creates and runs your campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools.  They are professional, courteous  with excellent  free customer support .   We use Aweber and recommend them to all our clients. 



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 Next time we’ll cover Search Engine No-No’s – things you don’t want to do that can get your site banned by the Search Engines.

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