How Important are Statistics?

Your website’s statistics should be very important to you. Keeping track of your blog or website traffic can provide more information than just the number of daily visitors. Taking time to implement and use a statistical program can also provide you with other extremely useful information. This information can be very helpful in deciding which products or services to promote as well as assisting you in choosing the advertising that maximizes your allocated dollars while appealing to your base audience at the same time.


 A very good free program is QuantCast. Once an account has been created, you generate a code to be placed inside each page. On completing the code insertion, you have your site ‘quantified’ by QuantCast. That’s it. In about two months there should be enough information available for you to analyze the traffic on your pages. One of the advantages of QuantCast is that in addition to providing very good website stats, they also break-down those stats so you can get a detailed overview of your traffic including:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • What your audience also likes
  • Other sites they visit
  • What they search for



If you have a Host Gator  account, you already have access to an first-rate stat program. Host Gator provides excellent statistics available through the AWStats in the cPanel (Web Traffic). From the AWStats page you can view the stats for all of the domains you have hosted with Host Gator.

This information includes:

  • Visit history – month, day . . . . right down to the hour
  • Who is visiting – country, sites, search engine spiders
  • Duration – how long did the visitor stay, which browser did they use, file type
  • Referrers – which search engine or site was the originator, what keywords or keyword phrases did the visitor use

Host Gator provides this information in easy to read bar charts and tables. Using the stats provided by AWStats will give you as much detailed information as you probably will care to see. The same detailed statistical information is provided for both websites and blogs hosted with Host Gator.



Google also offers a program called Google Analytics . . . for more information visit the site at  Like the other stat programs, Google Analytics provides insight into your website’s traffic allowing you to make better judgement calls on products, advertising and sales tactics.

Some of the features offered are:

  • Analytics Intelligence – your website reports are monitored automatically notifying you of any significant changes to the data patterns
  • Advanced Segmentation – use their fast interative segment builder to isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic
  • Customizaiton – get custom reports and data organized like you want to see it

You may or may not enjoy keeping track of statistical information, however, moving ahead and installing a program for tracking your website’s stats is a good idea. You may not want or need this information right now, but you may find at some point in the future  that having access to months of  past statistical data to be an invaluable asset.

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