Email Filters: Sending CGI Forms to the Inbox

Things have been pretty busy around here with various projects for clients. Came across a minor road-block while setting up a couple of new email CGI forms. Seems that the Google email program considered the email with the form information to be Spam. So how to get around this? Using the two methods below, you will be able to add any email address you want to your ‘preferred’ list so that it goes to the Inbox.  Note:  Steps are based on using G-mail.

There are a couple of ways and we’ll take a look at both. And, I might add they both make use of filters.

The first method of creating a filter is based on the fact that the information contained in each CGI form submitted will be different in spite of the fact that they are directed to the same email address.


filter4CGI Email Forms

The easiest way to have an email sent to the Inbox is to:

  • Open the Spam folder
  • Open the  email you want to filter to the Inbox.  For this method, all CGI forms from the email address ‘’ will be included.
  • Select ‘Filter messages like these’ from the drop down box
  • In the next screen, select the line with ‘Has the words’.  Here you want to  place the email address you have used as Recipient  in the form’s HTML,  i.e.,  At the same time you want to DELETE the email address shown in the ‘From‘ line. 
  • Select – ‘Create filter with this search’
  • On the next menu screen, select  ‘Create Filter’.  See image below.   (You’ll note you can make other filter selections here, i.e., apply a label,  or add in other conversations. )

This type of filter is best set up and tested before the website goes online.


Generic Email Filter

This second method is recommended for emails that you receive where the email address is always the same. For example, you might want to receive emails  from a vendor that sends out  monthly  sales notices – but you have no actual email communication with him.


To set up a filter for a permanent email address to filter to the Inbox :

  • From the Spam folder, open the email you want to filter to the Inbox
  • Open the menu box you would use to ‘Reply’ – here you’ll see all the options.
  • From this box, select ‘Add …….. to Contacts list’

It’s just that easy.


This is just a brief look at one way to use filters. They can also be used to apply the following actions to a message:

  • Skip the Inbox and archive it
  • Mark as read
  • Star it
  • Apply a pre-set label
  • Forward to an email of your choice
  • Delete it
  • Never send it to spam *
  • Always mark as important
  • Never mark as important

* This selection will work on emails where the email address is always the same. It will not work on Email CGI forms since each form submitted will be different.

For additional information about CGI forms Input (email), visit How to Write an HTML Form – Part III

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