Don’t Become a Hostage

hostage2While we want to show you all the easy, right ways to set up a website for your existing company or to start an  internet  business – we would be remiss if we did not tell you right at the start how NOT to let yourself get into a hostage situation – possibly loosing  all your hard earned money, efforts and domain name.  This is especially true if you plan on hiring someone else to do the work. 

To avoid this situation you first need to know what is involved when registering a domain.  Once you have decided on a name and confirmed it’s availability you are asked to fill in certain information for registration purposes.  This ‘Owner Account Information’ typically includes:

  • Contact Information (Name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone)
  • Email
  • Password and Security Question
  • Pin Number
  • User Name

Whoever has knowledge of this information controls the domain account – so that they are the only one that can make changes, register other domain names in the account, assign Account Executive (someone else that can go in, but does not have authority),  renew the account and make other account decisions.

Therefore, if you as the ‘owner’ of the domain  do not have knowledge  all of the above information – you will not be able to manage your own domain account . . . someone else will. 

We have seen this happen more often than you would think.  In some cases, the client had to wait over 6 months  for his domain name to become available so he could go in and ‘capture’  it – running his business under another domain in the meantime – this plays havok with the search engine rankings.   The company would only release the information if the client paid them several hundred dollars.   Sometimes, the domain name did not become available because the person contracted to perform the work went in and re-registered the name and wanted money to ‘release’ it to their client.  In effect these names were being held ‘hostage’. 

Should you be planning on hiring someone to have your work done or maybe a friend  has volunteered to do it for you  – have in writing a signed document stating that  they will turn over to you all necessary information associated with accessing your account.  If they don’t want to do this, find someone else to do the work.  Any honest, reputable person or company will not mind guaranteeing  to give you everything you need to access your account.  And once you get this information, we suggest that you go in immediately  and change the password first thing.  Not that you wouldn’t  trust them, it’s simply a security measure.    Most account information is easily found once you sign in to your account.  GoDaddy   has an easy to use ‘dashboard’ and should you run into a problem they have live 24/7  courteous help.

Another consideration in addition to the domain registration is the hosting of your website.  Always insist on stand-alone hosting.  This is another way unscrupulous people gain control.  Next time we’ll cover what you need to know about having your site hosted and the questions you need to ask .

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