Dell Update

Wanted to report that I was able to find information on the Net on how to install my HP printer program (previously used on a 32-bit Dell computer) into my 64-bit Dell – and get around the Administrator block at the same time.

By performing a search on Google, I was able to find a web site with information that gave directions on how to install  programs that were not intended  for a  64-bit compatible but will still work with a 64-bit computer.

I was able to get the HP program to install by holding down the Crt + Shift keys simultaneously when starting the HP installation – and continued to hold them down while the program was initializing. Once the program fully initialized, I released the Crt + Shift keys and the program went forward with the installation per usual – not only circumventing the Administrator program that had me blocked but also when finished my printer was working just like before!!

For any of you that may have a similar problem – you’ll need to do a search based on your computer and the program issues you are having.

Also, want to give credit where credit is due. While I had problems with the Tech people in resolving the Administrator problem on the new computer – I requested a service call for another issue on my older Dell computer (covered by a maintenance warranty) and Dell came through. Next day service – as promised – and the service rep was very professional and courteous.

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