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Going to haul out the old soap box this week and talk a little about content – the good and bad of it (be sure you read all the way to the end).

Content – Content – Content  . . .   Three words why you need PLR Gold.

 We all know that ‘content is king’ and this trend doesn’t show any signs of changing. Used to be the Internet was thought of more as being for selling – seems everyone was selling something; however, with the Search Engines, i.e., Google, focusing on content and information – whether you have a website, blog or do affiliate marketing, you need lots of fresh content to keep your pages ranking on the first page of search results

But, what if you aren’t good at writing . . . or maybe, you just don’t like to write . . . but you know you need good, in depth content. Then PLR Gold is the answer to your dilemma. With PLR Gold not only do you get hundreds of PLR and MRR articles – you also get PLR and MRR videos, e-books and more – all with lifetime, unlimited access.

The reason I’m mentioning this (again) is for those that think PLR Gold isn’t worth the very reasonable one-time  investment. Just this morning I received an email listing 42 topics containing new articles, videos, emails and more that have been added to the PLR Gold Membership.

It would take weeks – or maybe months – as an individual to generate this much new content. Best part is it covers a multitude of niches – so there’s something for everyone. I’ve uploaded a partial screen shot of  my email to show you how diverse the niches covered are. (View screen shot here.)

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Duplicate Content

With reference to the PLR Gold Membership – you’ve probably wondered, “if we all subscribe and use the same content won’t it be considered ‘duplicate content'”?

Short answer, No. Since many of the products (ebooks, videos, etc.) can be sold, given as incentives, or used for email marketing – they are not contained within your website or blog and as such are not content.

But, ‘what if’ you want to use the PLR content on a website or blog? Not a problem. Avoiding duplicate content can easily be accomplished by using one of the following fixes:

  • Adding your own thoughts into the body of the content
  • Include a couple of introduction sentences at the beginning
  • Add your own thoughts for a conclusion or summary of the article
  • Switch out some of the words
  • Break some of the content into lists if possible
  • Take existing lists and put them into sentences

Final thought , duplicate content is defined as the same content within the same website or blog.  This can be addressed by using either ‘no follow’ tags or canonical tags. (Read more about ‘no follow’  tags here)

Think Twice

Do you have a Facebook™  page? Do your children have a Facebook™ page? If so, you may want to think twice about the content uploaded . . . it could come back to haunt you (or them) down the road of  life.

Don’t get me wrong – Facebook™ is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family – but do think about the content.

Up until last week, I hadn’t given any serious thought to this either until  a telephone conversation with a friend opened my eyes.  My friend’s company had several job openings to fill – for which they had several qualified applicants turn in resumes.  However, after an initial review of the  applicants Facebook™ pages by Personnel  – their applications were ‘tossed’.  They weren’t even phoned to say ‘sorry, you don’t fit the bill’ – much less to schedule an interview.

I wasn’t told what was  found on their Facebook™ pages that dis-qualified them, but you can be sure it was telling enough to keep them from having the chance at a really GOOD paying job.   Definitely something to think about.

Don’t miss next week’s post – I’ve got an awesome FREE program to tell you about – something you’ll  definitely want to snag.

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