“Banking Security Update”

Wanted to bring a new virus threat to your attention – if you haven’t heard about it. It has a new twist in that it is delivered directly via the opened email – not by an attachment. The following is quoted from a newspaper article I read today about this.

This is the subject line you want to watch out for: Banking Security Update

 Begin Quote

A new class of cyber attack is threatening PCs — emails which infect PCs without the user having to open an attachment.

The user will not even be warned this is happening — the only message that appears is “loading.”

The email automatically downloads malicious software into your computer from elsewhere the moment a user clicks to open it.

Think your security system will catch the email? Chances are probably not — unless you have your security software set at maximum level. The Daily Mail reports that because the email itself isn’t necessarily infected, many security systems will not pick up on it. Security experts were reported as saying the virus is “particularly dangerous.”

Eleven Research Team states that the new virus is called a “drive-by virus,” consisting of an HTML email that only requires the user to open the mail.

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Stay Safe!

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