Are your computer files at Risk?

safeRegardless if you use your computer for running a business or if¬† it’s just for personal use – you are at risk of loosing all your files and content if you do not have a back-up plan in place for replacing files, graphics, and programs.

The first thing one typically thinks of when thinking of lost files is a virus. If you don’t have a good virus program, you need to consider getting one. There are some acceptable free programs you can download, but if you use your computer for business purposes consider purchasing a good, strong anti-virus program and installing it on your computer. The paid-for programs will offer updates and allow you to set parameters for the level of security you want.

Having a virus on your computer is not the only cause for file loss. Power outages can cause a computer to crash, computer components can go ‘bad’ and sometimes just simple human error is the problem. You’ve spent long hours – sometimes years – creating files, documents, graphics and reports and all this information is saved in your computer . . . nowhere else . . . it requires protection.

There are several ways you can back-up your computer’s contents.

  • Burn files to a CD
  • Save files on a Jump Drive
  • Have an external hard drive scheduled to back-up your computer daily
  • Have an off-site, remote company back-up your computer daily

The first 2 are cumbersome and time consuming requiring you to take time from your already¬†busy schedule to perform the action. What happens if you forget? And, over time you will end up with an unmanageable number of CD’s to navigate. Saving files on a jump drive poses the same problems. Not only must you take time to perform the back-up but also jump drives can be breached by viruses during a save.

The best, safest and quickest way to back-up your computer files is to have an off site back-up. There are several companies that offer this service and you should investigate each one to see which is the best for you in services provided and cost. Some are less expensive when backing-up (uploading) but charge you an additional fee when you need to restore (download) your saved computer files. Some of the service providers are Dell, Amazon and Carbonite. Carbonite is a service providing online back-up, computer back-up and remote back-up. It is completely automatic; secure and encrypted; reasonably priced and is now available for Mac users.

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