8 Websites with FREE Graphics, Favicons, Avatars plus More!

freelinksBuilding a website or blog can involve a lot of different programs. Depending on how far you want to take your creativeness you may find you need more than just the basic programs – HTML, graphics and FTP. This could translate into more $$$ than you would like to spend or have budgeted for non-essential ‘extras’.

The links below should help you get started with some elements you may want but weren’t exactly where to find them. Some of the applications are fairly common – some are a little more advanced. In almost all cases they can be used for free, however, please read the Terms of Use for each site before using them . . . some do have restrictions.

1.  Avatar Generator – an avatar is a graphic representation of one’s self. Many sites – social and otherwise- let you upload a photo, however, there may be times when you would rather be represented by an avatar. This site lets you create your own unique avatar –

2.  Favicon Generator – create your own unique favicon (the icon that displays in the address bar before your URL.  Our favicon is the small dollar graphic but you could use your company logo or anything else you like.  Favicon files differ from regular jpg or gif files and this program will help you create a unique graphic representation for your site –

3.  Favicon from pictures – here’s another site that allows you to create favicons as well as marquees from pictures –

4.  Type tester – unsure about which font to use or how it might display on a monitor? This site will let you compare three different fonts side-by-side. You can choose the variables for each font comparison including face, size, color, plus more –

5.  Stock.XCHNG – lots of excellent photos for your desktop, website or blog. Browse through over 350,000 stock photos and use them for free –

6.  Surveys – want to see what your visitors think? Try Survey Monkey. It’s easy to maneuver and menu driven. They have both a free and paid version –

7.  Clip art – good place to get clip art . . . they have open clip art library –

8.  Captcha – if you’re tired of getting computer generated spam or trash as replies to your newsletter registration or form submittals, and looking for a way to stop it – register for a free Captcha account. This program allows you to put ‘squiggly code’ onto those page(s) requiring a submittal that can only be ready by a human. Once the code has been entered correctly, the page will submit –

There are many helpful sites on the Internet to assist you in building the website or blog you desire without incurring additional cost. Those we’ve  listed above are just a few.

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