2012 Check List

Here’s hoping everyone had a great break and are now ready to get back to work. We have lots of plans for this year but before we begin – after a great two week break I might add – we always take a little time to get ourselves organized. This includes . . .

  • getting all necessary papers together for filing taxes
  • finishing any general filing that might need to be done for 2011
  • turning in state sales taxes
  • renewing any domains that may be expiring (don’t forget fees go up middle of the month)
  • making sure websites are backed-up
  • getting file folders, etc. ¬†ready for 2012 and boxing up old out-dated files . . .

and in general just making sure everything is in order. This also includes making sure we have current virus protection for our computers and uploading all current virus updates available.  Our favorite virus protection is through AVG Рyou can download on line and buy multiple licenses if you have more than one computer.

Just read an article about a virus to be aware of – seemingly transmitted through a picture of a ‘dead’ Fidel Castro. Yes, this has been around before, but according to the article on The Blaze, this picture of FC is being used to send a trojan virus. If you don’t have your computer files backed-up either using an external drive or jump drive, you may want to think about doing so. Over the years we’ve lost our files about three times – so I’m a firm believer in redundant backups. And as far as backing up your website goes, for those with Hostgator – you can backup your website files using the cPanel and the Backup Wizard. It makes the process incredibly easy and takes about a minute.

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