15 Ways to Make Money on a Website or Blog


You have your website and/or blog up and running, you’ve got it optimized for the search engines, you’ve done everything necessary to build the vehicle for the online business you envisioned – but how do you make money from all your efforts?

In 1 word – Monetization.

There are many ways to monetize a website or blog. We’ll list and briefly explain 15 of them here. It would not be possible to explain each one in detail in one post, however, we will be covering all of them in more depth in future posts, i.e., regarding policies for selling, what you need to know before becoming an affiliate, how to create a newsletter campaign as well as some things you do not want to do.  Depending on your choice of monetization method, pay out can be anywhere from 5-10% all the way to 100%. 

  1. Direct Selling of Products – sell  items where you maintain your own inventory
  2. Direct Selling of Services – provide your service, either online or in person
  3. Selling of  ‘craft type items of your design’ – offer your own unique designed items for sale from one of the existing sites that produces the item and then ships it for you
  4. Hosting Provider – provide hosting service to others as a reseller (through Host Gator) – best part of this program is that you keep all the money you charge your clients
  5. Become an article writer – offer your articles to others for publication
  6. Drop Ship –  offer existing inventory that is maintained by a ‘drop ship’ company so that you do not have to manage any on-site products nor are you required to do any shipping – they do it all
  7. Ebook – write and market your own information in book form – this can be on just about anything
  8. Click Bank – sell other ebooks or items from Click Bank
  9. Niche Templates – pick a niche and use article marketing and social networking to sell the product
  10. Pay Per Click (PPC) – probably the best known is Adsense – Google’s ad words program
  11. Pay Per Action (PPA) – you get paid when a visitor clicks on a link and  completes an action, ie. fills in a form requesting  information
  12. Affiliates – you sign up  to be an affiliate and offer products or services either through a site that manages multiple affiliates or you offer products directly from the provider
  13. Membership Site – create your own product, service or unique information source about something  that people want, need, and would be willing to pay to access on your website/blog
  14. Newsletters – offer an opt-in newsletter that gives information about your authority site along with recommending affiliate products they can buy
  15. Sell advertising space on your own site or blog – banners, line ads, etc.

When choosing a monetization method – pick the one that you are most comfortable with and don’t be afraid to implement more than 1 method of monetization at a time. Test the waters, you can always make changes if you find something isn’t working the way you hoped it would.

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