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Watching the budget has become top priority – so when I find what appears to be good free programs I like to pass them along. Found two such programs over the last couple of weeks and want to share them with you.  is an open-source, free ‘RealTime-Social Management’ system.

While it would appear to target brick-and-mortar businesses primarily, it might be adapted to help manage virtual businesses that do a large amount of business and use social marketing.   Basically, it makes monitoring local search and social media profiles less time consuming.

The three specific services it targets are:

  1. Provide accurate listings from local review and the more popular social media sites
  2. Provides a method that allows you to respond to reviews or comments received (positive and negative)
  3. Provides a way to quickly respond to problems that might arise on any one of the sites tracked

Once you’ve gained access to the Free beta version you can:

  • Add a profile for your company name
  • Establish multiple profiles if you manage more than one business/company
  • Log-in through out the day to get feedback in real time
  • Track your various social campaigns
  • Use it to find where you have current profiles and where you don’t

This program is in beta version  now, but with it being open-source, it’s sure to grow and expand with additional tools.

Cam Studio  is a free streaming video software. We’ve all heard about Camtasia, and granted if you plan to produce professional videos, you’ll want Camtasia.  However, if you want to create screen capture videos while watching your budget at the same time, then Cam Studio may be just the thing for you.

“CamStudio can record all audio and screen activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).”

Other CamStudio Features:

  • Ability to add in anti-aliased (non-jagged edges) screen captions if you don’t like your voice
  • Personalize the videos by including a web-cam of yourself (picture-in-picture)
  • Produces crystal clear results with a smaller file size
  • Choice of custom cursors
  • Ability to select which part of the screen you want – whole or part
  • Reduce/Increase quality of the recording depending on final use
  • Easy to use; Built-in help file
  • Free use for personal or commercial projects

In addition to the downloads on the website, you’ll also find a forum, news and updates.

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