When Malware Programs Fail

Note from David:  Due to a major illness we’ve been away for almost a year.  Doesn’t seem possible.   But, hopefully, we’re back and will be bringing you some interesting and helpful posts.  Thank you for continuing to visit our blog.  Now back to work! 


For the last several days I’ve had all kinds of problems with my computer thanks to malware . . . in spite of the fact that I have a paid malware program installed.

It is a shame that we have to deal with these kinds of issues but when they pop-up it is good to know some place to go to get programs that may possibly help.

That being said, we’ve talked about these programs before . . I think, but they are good enough that they bear repeating.

This recent malware was one like I’ve not seen before in that it waited until I tried to connect to the Internet using my FTP program. I’d then get a notice that a malicious program had been blocked. Bottom line I was dead in the water in trying to upload any of my files or my client’s files.   Running both my malware program and my anti-virus program gave me no results.

Next step was to use four (4) programs from a website called Bleeping Computer.  The programs I used were:

  1. RKill
  2. AdwareCleaner
  3. TDSSKiller
  4. Junk Ware Removal Tool


To use any of these programs or see other programs available, go to Bleeping and look for the Download tab. From there you can search for other programs that might help. You can join the BC Forum or become a member if you like – both free, but neither one is necessary to use the website.



Note: When you click the program name on the download page, you’ll see all the information relating to the program and also be given options as to where to download from. I always made Download Now @BleepingComputer my choice.

  1. Once you’ve located your program from the downloads, use the ‘Save As’ option and save to your Desktop.
  2. From the Desktop, you can double click the program icon to run the program or if you are having trouble getting it to work, right click the program icon once and select the option to ‘Run as Administrator’.
  3. Give the program time when running. Some of them were quick, others took longer than I expected.
  4. Once the results were given, I printed them out in case I wanted to go back and review what had been removed.
  5. Once all programs have been run, restart the computer.
  6. For myself, I’m checking for updates and running my malware program daily for a few days just to be sure.
  7. Repeat this process for any and all programs you want to run.
  8. When all programs have finished scanning, restart the computer.


Disclaimer: While these programs worked for us, you will have to decide if you want to take the risk of allowing any of the programs to scan and make changes on your computer.   The decision is solely yours.



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