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If you’ve given thoughts to using a webinar to connect with business associates, family or friends, consider using Google Hangout. Using their program gives you the opportunity to see the members of the Hangout while communicating. Anyone with a Google account can start a Hangout and best part – it’s free*.

The best way to become familiar with this program is to log into your Google account and visit this link: From this screen you’ll see an invite screen where you can:

  • Make sure your computer’s camera and mic are working
  • Invite individuals or friends to join
  • Assign restrictions to participants

First-time users should follow the suggestions below:


Inviting People to Hangout 

While you can invite anyone you like to your Hangout, understand that theses invitees can also invite someone they choose. Therefore, if you are planning a business meeting, then it should be understood by all that no outside invites are permitted. Also, there is a limit to the number of people that can participate in a Hangout. That being 10. As ‘moderator’ you do have some controls:


And, if someone you want in the Hangout doesn’t have computer access, they can participate on the telephone.*

* There may be a charge depending on their country location.

There are many Apps and Extras available –


If you think Google Hangout might be just what you’ve been looking for to avoid costs associated with paid webinar services, get more information at this link:   Google Hangout Help

Check back next time, we’ve got another great free program for you.

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