Getting Traffic....Free & Paid

Getting huge amounts of traffic to your web site or blog is the goal of every Internet marketer.  And, if you’re able to get this massive traffic for free or at a relatively low cost, that makes it even better.

There are may different methods for getting loads of traffic and we’ll cover the basic sources for both free and paid.

Let’s first take a look at ‘free‘ since that’s the one we’re most likely want to use to build traffic to our web site or blog.  Free – or organic traffic as it’s called – can come from many different sources.

FREE Traffic Sources

There are many ways to get free traffic including  the  obvious search engine optimization of the page itself.  Once you’ve completed the SEO work, you will find the sources below helpful: 

  • Directories – these are good but may be difficult to get into since all entries are manually reviewed and vetting process can be long.
  • Forums – find forums relevant to your niche and then make quality comments. Use backlinks to your site in your user name, in the bio box or in your comment (if allowed)
  • Article Directories – write articles for the top article sites linking your user name, web site name in bio box or keywords in the article back to your site.
  • .Edu and .Gov Sites – the very best if you can get one. Find a related blog or forum making sure you leave a good, informative comment with backlinks.
  • Social Media – unsure as to the impact from these backlinks, however, if a viral blog post is spread by multiple users this can be effective (don’t forget YouTube as a social vehicle for backlinks).

It cannot be stressed enough that when answering questions on forums or when making comments to blog posts – the information should be accurate as to content, genuinely helpful in answering the question, and grammatically correct with no misspelled words.  Quality is the name of the game here as well as when submitting articles to article directories. 

And, when building backlinks don’t  link all of them to your  home page.  Link to pages within the web site or blog making them deep links. 

Paid Traffic

Once you are ready to move into a paid advertising program, there are quite a few sources for you to choose from. The thing to remember is that they all vary in cost and methodology.

The obvious paid advertising program being Google Adwords. But if you want to start out more slowly – for those with a limited budget – and work your way into Google – consider  using one of the  following:

  • – flexible advertising; allows you to target your advertising based on demographics and interests
  • – advertising based on demographics
  • – advertising based on demographics and interests

Getting the quantity of traffic as well as the type of backlinks you want and need can be hard.  It can also  take a lot of time – and yes, sometimes a bit of money. However, once you find a method that works for you – simply repeat the process.

While every web site and blog is different – if you should have several web sites built around the same niche, i.e, dogs, dog training, dog breeding, etc. – keep notes and remember the link sources that have worked in the past and continue to use those.

Our next post will cover the pro’s and con’s of free vs. paid traffic and what you need to know about both in order to make an educated advertising decision.

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